I always thought of myself as a creative person, but never crafty. My version of a scrapbook was glossy rectangle photos glued on white paper shoved in clear paper sleeves inside a binder. Then one day Pinterest was created, hallelujah! I was able to see all of the amazing crafts and projects people across the country were making with step-by-step instructions. Pinterest plus planning a wedding and having a baby helped me to overcome my fear of DIYing.

Here are my tips on overcoming your fear.

Bathroom renovation


  • Pick a project that only takes a few steps and requires minimal materials.
  • Ex. – Spray painting paper mache letters –  Only 2 items needed (Spray paint & paper mache letters)
  • I’ve become extremely overwhelmed when a DIY project requires numerous materials, so start simple.


  •  It’s ok if you mess up a project, everyone does it
  • Pick a project that’s not super expensive, so if you mess up, you won’t be have wasted a lot of money.


  •  DIYing is extremely fun and gratifying if you create something that will bring you joy.  Creating my son’s mobile was tedious, but I loved hanging it in his nursery before he was born envisioning him staring at it.  Watching him look at it now brings me great joy, and I’m so glad I took the time to create it by hand.
  • Special occasion cards, Christmas gifts, home décor, baby clothes – just a few DIY items that can bring so much joy

Turner's Nursery


  • Stop watching and start doing
  • For the longest time I said, “I would love to learn how to reupholster. I wish I had enough money and time to take a legitimate course.”  I started to sound like a broken record, so one day I had enough.  I decided to buy a reupholstery book, study, and start small.  I’m not finished with my project, but I can say I overcame my fear of reupholstery.  I have a long way to go, and lots more learn but I overcome the biggest hump.


DIY Photo Display

Anyone can DIY. ANYONE! Maybe you already DIY, but want to try out bigger projects. Quilting? Woodworking? Re-upholstery? My advice would be to research, watch a million you tube videos, and find a buddy who can give some advice if your lucky enough to have one.  I started out very small and now I feel like I can do most DIY projects if I really want to and have the time and desire to do it.

I hope you can find a project that you enjoy, brings you satisfaction and saves money! Saving money is always a plus. Check out more of my DIY projects on my blog here! Find my inspiration boards on Pinterest here as well as Austin Moms Blog’s board.

Do you DIY? If so, what was your first project?


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