How many of you have de-friended a friend from Facebook because they over share or simply annoy the crap out of you?

Some people don’t understand how over sharing their lives on social media can truly turn people off. I have a few tips for Moms on how to not be THAT friend.

Mom's guide to social media

  • Frequency: How many times do you post to Facebook a day? 1-2? 3-5? 6-8? People follow you for a reason on social media. They want to know what’s going on in your life, but they don’t want an hour by hour update of your day. Now, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are a different world. The more quality pins on Pinterest the better.
  • TMI: STOP…for the love of all things…STOP posting pictures of your child’s poop. No one wants to see that. If you’re worried and need advice about your kid’s bowels, go to an online forum or ask your doctor, friend or mom. Also, we don’t want to know the consistency of your breast milk or really anything having to do with your boobs.
  • Picture after picture: We as moms are proud of our kids and their accomplishments, but please limit the amount of photos of your child. Of course we as friends want to see your babies beaming smiles and first big accomplishments. However, we don’t need to see every detail of their life, and every award they’ve ever won. It still really happened even if Facebook or Instagram doesn’t know about it.
  • Hitting the Gym: We get it, you work out. Do you get a better burn when you notify the entire world of you walking into the gym or taking a selfie of yourself with free weights?   Don’t get me wrong, I think you should feel proud of yourself for getting in the gym, and every once in a while let your friends and family know of your hard work. I know I want a little support and sympathy if I get up super early for a good ‘ole morning butt kick, but it’s all in the quantity of your posts. Less is best…especially when you’re making your lazy friends who are sitting on their couch eating potato chips reading Facebook feel real bad.
  • My kid too – Do you ever find yourself inserting your own kid’s experience in a reply to someone else’s Facebook status. STATUS: “Baby Jack took his first steps!” and you reply with “Yay!!! My baby Molly took her first steps at 10 months.” Share in your friend’s excitement, but please don’t talk about your baby’s milestones in the comments. This is about their baby, not yours.

I am guilty of many of these, and I hope I’ve learned how to be less annoying as a new mom on social media.  I completely understand how exciting it is to be a mom, and the desire to share every moment of your child’s life with your family and friends, but more often than not LESS IS BEST.

 Is there something specific that annoys you on social media? Are you guilty of over sharing? Has anyone ever called you out or de-friended you because of it?


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