I recently discovered that I have a disease. It’s called Anti-laundry-putting-away-stinosis. It’s not contagious, but causes one to be increasingly frustrated, yet apathetic to progress. Currently there are no known cures, but support from family members does decrease side effects.

Laundry Woes

Okay–I really don’t have a disease, per se, but I do HATE putting away laundry. AND I MEAN HATE . I would rather live out of a pile (sometimes) than put laundry away. AND with my travel scheduling, living out of a pile or suitcase happens often.

WHY does it have to be so frustrating?

Doing the laundry, not so bad. Putting it away. EVIL.

Austin Moms Blog, Laundry Sucks

The worst part is that a few months ago, my husband and I had a conversation about “duties” and he was “assigned” the kitchen and I was “assigned” laundry and the bathroom (ugh!)! He has 100% complied with his end of the bargain and me…not so much. BUT I think I totally got the more annoying assignment, AND my work schedule is NUTS.

Cue the excuses, I know.

Over the years our “duties” have evolved, but I have consistently underperformed in the “womanly duties” department. I mean I successfully birthed a child, that’s a womanly duty, right? The answer is yes, but when it comes to my domestic responsibilities…I just plain suck.

We all work incredibly hard whether we’re stay at home moms or working moms and when things like LAUNDRY creep into our limited free time I just can’t muster up the energy to make it happen.

Thankfully I can bat my eyes out of most laundry-related conflicts, but I shouldn’t count on that always being the case.

How do you split duties in your home?

It’s simply impossible for one person to do it alone.




  1. Can we be friends, or at least start a support group? I totally suffer from the same ailment. My mother has always claimed I was allergic to hangers.

  2. Vanessa,

    We feel your pain at Press. We love your blog as well and would love to offer you free laundry service. Your clothes will be returned folded and ready to be hung up in the closet and placed in your drawer.



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