This is Awesome. This is Really Really Awesome. 


As a young, working mom it’s hard to keep up with all of my son’s milestones. Well, today I took a look at OneDay and wow, was I blown away. In one easy instant, you can upload photos from your computer, Facebook or online photo storage and bam! It’s all in one place and categorized by date!!!

I bought a new computer when my son was about 5, so all of his younger years on an external hard drive from the older computer. I can’t wait to upload all of those photos, so everything will be saved in one spot!

OneDay makes it so easy to share with family, without having to share with everyone. You can keep special moments special and share with your family! It’s also nice to know that my son can share his baby photos or videos with his future wife or children, and that they are organized for him in one easy spot. No more searching! Granted, I still like to have a back up scrapbook (when I get time) but sometimes time moves faster than I can print off photos to cut out and glue into a scrapbook.

After trying out OneDay, I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s such a beautiful way to turn “one day” into a lifetime of memories for generation after generation.

***Special Announcement Reminder from fellow AMB blogger, Kristin Jansen from her previous post:***

 “…Austin Moms Blog will be accompanying the hugely popular BlogHer conference as an ambassador for OneDay as they launch their new OneDay app.  This app will provide everything a mom wants in terms of chronicling her children’s lives in a daily, video-based method easily accessible from one’s phone.  The app will offer creative prompts and questions to ask your children each day and then will compile them all into sharable videos. What a wonderful way to capture the day-to-day moments of our children’s lives.  We will be sharing the experience on all AMB social media, so make sure to stay connected and follow along with the fun!”

Try it out here and let us know what you think!


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