Are you in a fashion funk? Do you struggle putting outfits together and hate everything in your closet? Do you miss the style you had before having children?

I know the struggle of being a Mom and trying to put together outfits you love.  

Here are 5 tips to get out of your fashion funk!

5 Tips to get out of a fashion rut

#1. Evaluate Your Closet

Do a deep cleaning of your closet and donate or sell all the pieces you haven’t worn in the past year.   This is the step in the process where you try not to be a hoarder. GIVE IT UP! You may have a $100 pair of shoes that you wore every day of college, but you haven’t worn them in 5 years…GIVE THEM UP! Don’t forget about retailers who will buy second hand clothing (Style Encore, Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet). I don’t feel so bad about purging my closet when I know I might get some cash back. After you’ve cleaned out your closet, organize it.

#2. Cut Your Hair

Sometimes to get out of a rut you need a drastic change. I believe a new haircut is a great way to start. And I don’t mean a trim. Try something completely different…new color, chop it all off, get extensions. I personally just cut my hair very short, which has made me naturally dress up more often to counterbalance my tomboy haircut. I had a pixie cut in elementary, and I had to get my ears pierced because everyone thought I was a boy (true story).

5 tips to Get out of a Fashion rut

 #3. Hire a Personal Stylist

 Let’s be honest, sometimes you need help. Some women hate shopping and putting together outfits. Hiring a personal stylist is a great way to jumpstart your style and wardrobe. You’d be surprised how affordable it actually is. Laurel of Trophy Boutique is an Austin personal stylist that helps women enhance their personal style according to their unique personality, body type, lifestyle and budget. You can see some Before & After pics of Laurel’s clients here. Keep reading for a great giveaway from Trophy Boutique!

 #4. Find your fit

It’s extremely important to know your body’s true size. You may be lounging in old maternity clothes that swallow you, or your trying to fit in to a pair of skinnies that your hips will never fit in to the same way post pregnancy. Get fitted for your bra size as well, because god knows your boobs have changed since having children.

 #5. Go Shopping

Your heard me… go shopping! After cleaning out your closet, write down the items you feel you are lacking. Think basics that can be layered. Here are a few basics I believe every woman should own.

  • Classic blazer
  • Fitted button down
  • Black Pumps
  • Perfect White Tee
  • Evening Dress for multiple occasions
  • Day Dress
  • Neutral flats
  • Bold Accessories
  • Fitted Jeans (this is a big one…don’t be swallowed by your jeans, and please NO pleats…ever!

Find inspiration on Pinterest for looks you love and the style you want. It’s okay to copy the outfit directly! Be aware of items you are usually drawn to that might drag your wardrobe down. I naturally am drawn to neutrals, so I have to tell myself to choose some items that have color.   My biggest tip would be to go shopping right after you’ve had your haircut, and shop in a cute outfit. If you’re feeling better about yourself, you’ll naturally take more fashion risks and choose items that are outside your comfort zone.


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