If you saw the movie, “The Purge”, then that word should startle you and it has a different meaning now than it did prior to the Hollywood blockbuster.

The premise for the movie was a futuristic society where the government thought the best way to reduce societal crime was to allow citizens to “purge” for one night only, without any consequences. Yes, all murder, theft, rape, kidnapping, and so on was made legal for one night only. The theory behind it was that everyone has evil inside them and has the need to release it. The theory states that with permission to release our hatred, we’ll be a kinder, gentler society. Well, since this movie’s debut, there have been several reports of people who support this theory and who’ve actually made threats to host a “purge” of this nature in their own neighborhood. Read about real life ‘Purge’ copycats here. If the thought of this happening makes you as sick as it does me, bare with me.

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In the movie, the characters who are purging of their hate end up creating hate in their victims, setting off an endless cycle of hate and destruction. So, I’m proposing a different kind of “purge”; a purge of LOVE.


I live my life based on the theory that we are  all born needing love and yes, without love, we develop an opposing emotion-hate. Without love, we hate. We either hate ourselves, hate our parents, hate our lives, our friends, or even our circumstances. And, the thing about love is- the more you give, the more you receive. So, let’s purge ourselves of all of the love that’s inside us in an attempt to receive more love in return and create a society that feels the need to purge of kindness, rather than hate.

Cloudy and Chelsea Vail

1) Look for LOVE around you.

Drew Barrymore published a book of photos featuring heart shapes she’s found in the world over the years. Try to spot love like that every day! Find love in the little things like, for me, it’s when my husband picks up his size 14 leather cowboy boots so I don’t trip over them in the morning with hot coffee. That’s love. Find love in the way children care for one another. Find love when someone picks up the tab at a restaurant for someone who needs it. Find love in the mother rubbing her belly bump. Love is everywhere and it feels so good to find it.

Two babies kissing

2) Acknowledge LOVE when you feel it.

  • Call your best friend and tell her how much you love her & need her
  • Tell the little girls at the ice cream shop with their dad how lucky they are to be loved
  • Stop and pet the puppy you passed by at the park
  • Thank the old married couple holding hands for demonstrating that true love is a commitment

Dori & Chelsea best friends

3) LOVE the world that host’s your life

  • Pick up the litter you saw walking or driving
  • Support companies who are eco-concious and eco-friendly
  • Spend time in nature and take a moment to breathe in the world’d love
  • Eat farm fresh fruits and vegetables in the sunshine and taste nature’s products

Chelsea and Cloudy at Yellowstone

4) Take a moment to LOVE the unloveable.

We all have that person in our life who annoys us. We may even have someone we hate. Notice how toxic that hate feels inside you and find a way to get rid of it. Love past the hate. Smile at the person with road rage next time and thank them for reminding you that you have much better things in your life to direct your energy to.

5) LOVE yourself enough to:

  • Say “no” to something you don’t want & “yes” to something you do want
  • Tell your kids you’re going out with friends for coffee instead of watching Yo Gabba Gabba today
  • Take a long bath, paint your toenails, drink a glass of wine, and let your husband put the kids to bed
  • Look at your face in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are (be sure not to leave out any accomplishments). Also, touch your belly and thank it for creating life. Run your fingers along your stretch marks and thank your skin for adjusting to make room for your child.

Dori & Chelsea

I’ve tried not to even watch the news because there’s so much hatred, ridicule, and distruction in our world right now. The dark side of humanity is currently in the spotlight and it’s up to us to stop glorifying poor character. It may be cliche, but we each have to be the change we want to see. Purge with love and pass it on!

How do you spread the love?




  1. […] On Friday, after I get home from work, my family knows that this mother is off-duty for the evening. Once dinner is finished, I will retreat to the sanctuary that is my master suite and partake in much-needed self-care. I will light my favorite scented candles, draw a warm goddess bath (see the recipe below), then immerse myself to cleanse, detoxify, and prayerfully thank my body for carrying me through this life’s journey. Physical expressions of appreciation and kindness, to myself, from myself, are essential to my newfound practices of self-love.  […]


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