Today we have some creative ideas for the kids for after school. From relaxation to a home work station, here are some great ideas for school-age kiddos! austin-moms-blog-after-school-crafts


Relaxation Jar/Bottle: This is a great way to let the kids unwind after school. Let them plop down on the couch for some down time and play with this super easy DIY relaxation in a bottle. This is great for sensory too!

Homework Station: A Homework Station is such a brilliant and easy concept! Find a lazy susan, craft box, or basically something to hold all of the necessary supplies kids need to complete homework. Markers, scissors, pens, pencils, throw in some gum for fun, and call it a day. Consider using a folder holder for forms or homework that needs looking at from parents. This way nothing gets lost.

And last, get your kids engaged by actually talking about their day! Tired of the “it was okay” staple answer? Check out this awesome printable that will encourage conversation between you and your kids. See the printable below!

After School Survey From Totally The Bomb

Kristen was featured on KXAN News Studio 512 featuring these DIY back to school ideas. Here she is in action!

Kristen Jansen

:: How do you get your kids engaged after school? ::



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