We know that finding the right OBGYN can be a daunting task. At Austin Moms Blog we ask dozens of reader poll questions every week. We’ve decided to compile all of YOUR answers in one easy to find spot. Today’s guide is for readers approved by readers!

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***These doctors and comments were taken directly from our readers***

Cedar Park

Cedar Park Women’s Center

  • Dr. Rush
  • Dr. Meadows: “Dr. Meadows is the best! Love her! She delivered our daughter and will deliver our next baby in April!!”

Cedar Park OBGYN Associates

  • Dr. Frank Hinds

Cedar Park Regional

  • Dr. Monteiro: “Open and supportive to whatever birthing method you want. Amazing experience. Fantastic office easy to park and they are never running late. Wonderful nursing staff.”

Central Texas OBGYN Associates: Renaissance Women’s Group

  • Dr. Jessica Montalvo
  • Dr. Melanie Collins
  • Dr. Laura Meritt
  • Dr. Devin Garza: “He is amazing! Been with him about 8 plus years.”


Georgetown OBGYN

  • Dr. Vincent Sherman
  • Dr. John Sherman
  • Dr. Montiville

Round Rock

Central Texas OBGYN Associates: Oakwood Women’s Center

  • Dr. Susan Orth
  • Dr. Mark Maunder
  • Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick

Cornerstone OBGYN-Round Rock

  • Dr. Michelle Irvin

Heart of Texas Women’s Center

  • Dr. Matthew Romberg

Round Rock OBGYN

  • Dr. Ingrid Brown: “She delivered my twins naturally and was amazing through the entire pregnancy with her sweet smile and educated advice! I will forever be indebted to her for bringing my twins into this world safely! None better in my opinion.”

Central/Downtown Austin

Central Texas OBGYN Associates: Women Partners in Health

  • Dr. Felicia Nash
  • Dr. Vanessa Yuim
  • Dr. Stephanie Reich
  • Dr. Amy Kung
  • Dr. Karen Swenson
  • Dr. Donell Oliver: “I’ve been a patient for 8 years and she cared for me during my first pregnancy. Wonderful doc! Can’t recommend her highly enough.”


  • Saima Jehangir

Vitae Austin OBGYN

  • Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides: “Absolutely amazing and supports natural family planning and specializes in naprotechnology for infertility treatment.”

UT Physicians Group

  • Dr. Michael Breen
  • Dr. Kimberly Carter
  • Dr. John Harkins

Austin Regional Clinic Medical Park Tower

  • Dr. Paul Bushart
  • Dr. Rosa Moreno

Central Texas OBGYN Associates: The OBGYN Group of Austin

  • Dr. David Reue
  • Dr. Michelle Gooch
  • Dr. Sally Grogono
  • Dr. Patrick Nunnelly

Austin Area OBGYN

  • Dr. Marco Uribe
  • Dr. Michael Phillips: “He has great bedside manners and he really cares about what he does. The first time I met him for a consult I spent 2 hrs talking with him. He never ever rushes through an appointment…If your looking for a good OBGYN he will not disappoint you.”
  • Dr. Kathryn Landherr
  • Dr. Christy Capet
  • Dr. Christopher Seeker
  • Dr. Robert Cowan
  • Dr. Allison Anderson
  • Dr. Diana Wang
  • Dr. Shawn Tassone

People’s Community Clinic

  • Dr. Robert Sorin

Gynics OBGYN Associates

  • Dr. Robert Crumb
  • Dr. Urrutia
  • Dr. Harris
  • Dr. Delia Deleon

Seven Hills Women’s Health

  • Dr. Genoveva Prisacaru

Austin OBGYN Associates

  • Dr. Melissa Winn
  • Dr. Caroline Cohen
  • Dr. Mingea
  • Dr. Christie Mileur

Austin Women’s Clinic

  • Dr. Sarita Maradani

Austin Fertility Center

  • Dr. Jeffrey Youngkin


  • Dr. Bradley Price

North/Northwest Austin

Nurture OBGYN

  • Dr. Andrea Campaigne
  • Dr. Blake Ofobike
  • Liane MacPherson CNM

Central Texas OBGYN Associates: Renaissance Women’s Group

  • Dr. Jessica Montalvo
  • Dr. Melanie Collins
  • Dr. Laura Meritt
  • Dr. Kimberly Loar: “She is so laid back and kind. Even during an emergency she keeps completely calm! She’s amazing at her job and truly cares about her patients.”
  • Dr. Tara Mills: “She delivered both my babies via c-section. Trust her completely! I live South and made the drive through atx traffic just to have her as my doctor.”

Riverplace OBGYN

  • Dr. John Thoppil


  • Dr. Tesa Miller
  • Dr. Christina Sebestyen

Balcones OBGYN

  • Dr. Nancy Binford

Seton Northwest ARCƒ

  • Dr. Renu Chalasani: “She has been my dr for over 10 years. She is super patient and awesome!” 
  • Dr. Sharyl Brasher-Giles
  • Dr. Blumhagen: “We have used him for over 10 years, and we love that he has listened to our concerns from day 1! We drive almost an hour to see him (this will be the 3rd of ours he has delivered).”

Capital OBGYN

  • Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler
  • Dr. Catherine Brown

Austin Diagnotic Clinic

  • Dr. Allison Devine: “At 36 weeks Medicaid cut my coverage and no obgyn would take me… I was opting for a vbac and she totally was ok with it. I saw her Friday went into labor on Monday she did everything she could as did I before having a c sec… She made my experience phenomenal unlike my first! Love her!!!!!”

West Austin

Hill Country OBGYN

  • Dr. Landwermeyer
  • Dr. Chris Hart
  • Dr. Candice Walker

Dr. Lisa Jukes

South/Southwest Austin

Austin Regional Clinic-South

  • Dr. Julie Grimes
  • Dr. Paul Mumfrey
  • Dr. Rachel Breedlove
  • Dr. Alinda Cox

Austin Southwest OBGYN

  • Dr. Souhail Asfouri

Austin Regional Clinic in Seton NW hospital

  • Dr. Robert Hughes
  • Dr. Sonja Yoo


  • Dr. Steve Solomon
  • Dr. Martha Schmitz

Kyle OBGYN: Seton

  • Dr. Jennifer Goss: “Hands down best doctor I have ever had.”

San Marcos Women’s Health

  • Dr. Kody Kunda:

Austin Diagnostic Clinic

  • Dr. Wendy Cutler

Dr. Sasan Askari “Best Dr I’ve ever had! Been with him 13 years.”

Other Doctors

  • Dr. Clive Polon

 :: Who is your Ob/Gyn and why do you love them? :: 



  1. Dr Campaigne at Nuture is the best in Austin. In a world of doctors I would recommend her over and over again. My second baby was delivered vbac and without her it would have never happened. She truly believes in her patients and will do anything in her power to make your delivery wishes come true. She truly has a gift. If you are dreaming of a vbac or hoping for a vaginal delivery she is the doctor you are looking for. At Nuture you are not a number, they always take their time with appts and address all your concerns. I live in Lakeway and would drive all the way over, through traffic for their care. I cannot say enough good things. They even do in-home 2 week post delivery visits… who does that?? Love them, cannot say enough good things.. Dr Campaigne is just amazing.

  2. worked with Dr Caroline Cohen at Austin OBGYN Associates. We actually started working with Dr. Cohen at 20 weeks after having to find a new OB since our first doctor did not see eye to eye about using a doula.  It was not easy to find a doctor whi was willing to agree to a Doula before starting treatment, but luckily I found Dr. Cohen.  Dr. Cohen had a great bed side manner.   She laughed at my husband’s attempts at jokes. She answered all of our questions and was very supportive of our desire for a natural birth.  In the end, our baby did not arrive as scheduled and we had to schedule an induction. Dr. Cohen agreed to schedule at 42 weeks to give our little guy every second to come on his own.  He did not, so we showed up for our induction. While over night at the hospital my contractions started naturally; Pitocin was scheduled to be administered at 7 AM but Dr. Cohen agreed to give us a few more hours to see if I could progress naturally.  At 10 AMthere had not been any additional progress, so the induction process began.  11 hours later our son was born.  In the end our birth did not go as planned, but I really appreciated having a doctor who I could express my concerns to and who was willing to bend hospital protocol and give us the satisfaction of knowing we tried our best to have the natural birth we were wanting.  

  3. Dr. Robert Cohen was a true, true Godsent OBGYN. He supported my choice for an elective C-section, no judgements, no shaming. Just true respect for my decision as a mother. When I was unexpectedly taken off my insurance in the middle of my pregnancy, he pulled strings and had his staff on the phone for days to see what they can do to make sure I can still keep him using the Medicaid that at the time I had no choice but to take even though he didn’t take Medicaid at that time. And he’s literally one of the most kind-hearted people you’d ever meet. Now that I don’t have medical insurance, I go to clinics for my gyn checkups, and haven’t seen him since he delivered Dre in 2009. But the MOMENT I can afford insurance for myself, he’s the first doctor I’m calling.

  4. Hi y’all!
    Looking for an OB/GYN or midwife in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, cedar Park areas ,Who are vbac or Tolac supportive after two C-sections. Many practices say they are support of vbac-tolac in theory but not in practice.


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