My husband and I decided that two kids was the magic number for our family.  We have two beautiful, happy and healthy little boys that we adore, and feel like our family is complete. 

From the get-go, I naturally wanted my husband to get a vasectomy for our permanent birth control.  We were blessed to be extremely fertile and it was VERY easy to get pregnant with both boys, so I knew that we were not going to take any chances.  Of course, my husband was on board with one of us getting permanent birth control, but he wanted it to be me, obvi.  I was not totally against getting my tubes tied, and I requested it be done during my C-Section with Finn.  Unfortunately, the hospital where I delivered does not allow tubal ligations (ugh), so I was going to have to wait until after I healed from my C-section.  In order to have a tubal after birth, I would have had to go completely under general anesthesia, and I was NOT okay with that.  I didn’t even have to be completely under during the birth of either of my kids!  So that pretty much solidified my decision that Jared was going to be the one.  I mean, I had two MAJOR surgeries, plus was pregnant for 18 months – the least he could do was have a tiny procedure, right?  Right.
After we he had an excellent experience, I thought I’d share the top 5 reasons why your husband should go through with it.

1.  It’s SO much quicker!  We were in and out of the Dr.’s office in under an hour.  We scheduled the appointment for a Friday afternoon, and were home before rush hour ever started.

2.  It’s eye opening for the hubs.  At one point while he was laying on the “bed” draped with a paper blanket, my husband made a comment along the lines of, “well, this is super comfortable.”  I had to laugh!  Welcome to my world!

3.  It’s kind of amazing to watch.  I am one of those people who is fascinated with medical procedures.  I could never do it myself, but I love to watch.  Dr. Shaw was so awesome and encouraged me to watch.  He explained exactly what he was doing, and I watched the entire thing.  I totally wanted to take pictures, but the hubs put the brakes on that STAT.  🙂

4.  They get spoiled for a solid 48 hours.  Jared can be kind of wimpy when he is sick, so I fully anticipated a traumatic recovery.  I was super impressed with how simple the recovery period was.  Although I did keep the kids away from him and out of the bedroom for a couple of days, he pretty much binge watched Netflix and hung out with an ice pack – which he didn’t really feel like he needed, it was more of me wanting to play nurse and forcing him to switch out the compress.

5.  Your husband might surprise you.  I was proud of my man – not only did he actually go through with it (Hooray!) but he handled it like a pro.  He did not take any of the anxiety meds or pain killers prior to the procedure, drove himself home, and was up and at ’em for work on Monday.

And, of course, the best reason of all – worry free grown up time!  (Just make sure you wait until you get the “all clear”.)  We had a great experience at Austin Urology with Dr. Shaw – it was a beautiful facility, super easy to schedule, the staff was very helpful, and the procedure was quick, easy, and relatively painless.  If you and your husband have decided that your family is complete, I highly suggest you go visit Dr. Shaw and staff.  You will not regret it!

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  1. That’s great, but unfortunately not everything is this clear cut as it is described in this article. There may be permanent, long-term pain or discomfort associated with this procedure. When the male “tubes” are “severed”, the sperm has no outlet and needs to be reabsorbed by his body. Sometimes this doesn’t occur as needed, and it can lead to inflammation, pain, discomfort and even infection. Some men mention they experience considerable discomfort or pain during ejaculation, as the sperm has no outlet and the pressure of the fluid during ejeculation can build up in the canal at the surgery site. And these issues have no remedy and are long-term side effects. These complications need to be disclosed and understood before one decides on undertaking this procedure. The upside is that vasectomies are great at preventing pregnancies with extremely low failure rates (1 in 1000).


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