There are only certain times in your life where it is completely acceptable and even expected that a mom should be pampered. Never mind that I think a mom deserves to be pampered ALL the time {grin}. Pregnancy is for sure the perfect time to let others take care of you and slow down and enjoy this phase of life.

What are the best ways to pamper your pregnancy?


1.  Prenatal massages – I had horrible sciatica with my first. The first time it flared up, I couldn’t walk and had to crawl down the hallway. Finding a great massage place was one of the best things I did. The key to a great prenatal massage is the special pregnancy table with a cutout for your belly so you can LAY ON YOUR STOMACH. Trust me, it is wonderful.

2.  Pedicures – Eventually YOU won’t be able to see your feet but others will, so keep your feet looking pretty. If you’re anything like me and have feet that swell, it’s better to have pretty sausage toes.

3.  Prenatal yoga – I didn’t try prenatal yoga until my second pregnancy, but it was so magnificent. It was so relaxing and helped me center and focus on what my goals were for that pregnancy. Since I wanted to deliver naturally {drug-free}, I was able to use those relaxation techniques in labor.

4.  Enjoy a babymoon – You and your partner should sneak off for a few days and really soak up time with each other. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, life will change, so take time to focus on your relationship.

5.  Take a nap – I am not a napper by nature, but when I am pregnant, there is nothing like a great afternoon nap. Growing a baby is hard work, so enjoy some extra zzzz’s!

6.  Hire help – There is not much worse while being pregnant than bending over a bathtub to scrub it. Treat yourself to a cleaning crew – especially toward the end of your pregnancy or while you’re in the hospital. There isn’t much better than coming home with that bundle of joy to a clean house…especially if someone else cleaned it!

7.  Go bra shopping – Your belly is changing daily, but most women don’t focus on another part of you that is growing as well – your breasts! Make sure you take time to get fitted for a new bra while you’re pregnant – those girls need support!

8.  Accessorize – You might feel frumpy toward the end of your pregnancy – I got to wear only 2 shirts fit, and I hated everything. I was uncomfortable ALL the time. But a nice necklace or some new earrings might make you feel a little more like a human instead of a large troll.

9.  Read for pleasure – While pregnant with #1 I read a lot about pregnancy and raising a newborn. With #2 I was reading all about natural childbirth. But you need to take time to read for pleasure! Prop up with a good book and your favorite {non-alcoholic} drink. And then maybe take a nap!

10. Enjoy a girls night out – Go out with your girlfriends! Forget about responsibility for a night and just enjoy time with your friends. Laugh, eat, gossip – feed your soul!

:: How did you pamper yourself while pregnant? ::


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