It’s hard to believe we’re already just a few days away from Black Friday — one of my most favorite days of the year!

Black Friday | Austin Moms Blog

Call me crazy but I have been an avid Black Friday shopper since I was in grade school. My mom and I have made it a tradition and continue to keep the craziness going. Do we really run to deals and act like b****s to other customers and employees?? NO! We are calm and collected and only once (for a Dyson) have I rushed to get a good deal. (It was $199 — come, on!)

Here are my tips, tricks, deals and store hours for the BIG day!

 Stores to look out for the best deals: 

  • Target: TVs, toys and clothing (40% off all clothing) SOME merchandise available to order online NOW and pick up in store.
  • Best Buy: ALL electronics and DVDs. (We usually come here last because of the lines. Just pick up the leftover movies!) 
  • Michaels: Buy your Christmas decor here!! Crazy savings and extra coupons on the savings!
  • Old Navy: 50% off the entire store.
  • Sears: Buy appliances on Black Friday here. Serious deals and special financing if you need it!
  • Macy’s: Coupons are always good here. Great savings on home, decor and clothing.

Tips from a serious veteran shopper:

  • Have a plan – plan out your stores by open times. We always hit up Michael’s first then stand in line at Target. Walmart is ALWAYS last for us because it is usually the craziest. Same with Best Buy.
  • Get their early if you want a doorbuster – grab a starbucks coffee, bring a book or ipad and wait for the best deals.
  • Don’t be rude. Enjoy this exciting night by being cordial to other shoppers ESPECIALLY the employees. Always say hanks you for being here tonight.
  • Save all receipts – buy more now to return what you don’t need later.
  • Look in bins at the registers if you come in late. Most people over fill their baskets and have buyers remorse at the register. You’ll find door busters here!


Black Friday | Austin Moms Blog




What stores will you be venturing to on Thursday??



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