It’s that time of year again, Halloween candy is lurking around the house, Thanksgiving feasts are coming up {like TOMORROW}, and December might as well be called the month of temptation… between holiday get togethers, baking goods for our kids’ class parties, and all the goodies that surround us….it is tough to say no this time of year.

The holiday season far outweighs any other time of year for weight gain. It is not so much the amount of weight gained during this time, but the fact that most people do not lose this “holiday” weight leading to a gradual increase in weight over the years.

When the New Year comes around so does the ever popular resolution to lose weight. But what if this year it was different and you went into the New Year having maintained your weight? Wouldn’t that be something??  Here are a few pointers to stay on track during this gluttonous holiday season.



Set Reasonable Goals

This is the step, which for so many it is easy to brush off. If you are not setting goals, then you are setting yourself up for failure. If your goal is to maintain your weight, you need to write out the steps that will get you to this goal; working out each day for thirty minutes, eating a clean balanced diet, and planning ahead.

Plan Your Week

This is so crucial to your success. I sit down every Saturday and plan the menu for the week ahead. I decide on my family’s meals, snacks, and our regular go-tos for breakfasts and lunches. Then I comprise my grocery list and I stick to it at the store. I do not allow my kids to throw in the extra junk with the flashy cartoon characters that is so enticing to their little minds.

Shopping with babies in tow
Shopping with babies in tow

Plan your Splurges

Planning ahead also means taking into account when you will be attending holiday parties and events. If you have an event on Saturday, keep it in mind and the rest of the week you need to eat healthy so you can enjoy the event without the guilt. I also suggest having a snack to hold you over before the event so you aren’t ravenous by the time you get there, ending in overindulgence.

Make Healthy Choices

When there are healthy options available, have the willpower to choose them. How about some carrots and hummus instead of the 7 layer dip and tortilla chips? Think of making healthy switches in your favorite holiday recipes too. I promise Grandma Gene’s famous banana nut bread will taste just as delicious with applesauce instead of oil.

Schedule your Workouts

It happens to all of us, we start the day with every intention to get in a workout and then life interferes and you are left at the end of the day feeling guilty. Open your calendar or planner and write your workouts in and treat them the same as any other appointment, stick to it. I like to get it over with first thing in the morning before any excuse comes up.

Working out at home
Working out at home

Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. Find a buddy who has similar goals and make that person your accountability partner. Check in with each other daily to make sure you are staying on top of your workouts and your eating habits. Discuss with each other your struggles and how you can overcome them. Be workout buddies and meet up after dinner for a brisk walk.

Daddy and the kids working out together
Daddy and the kids working out together

Enjoy The Season

Most importantly enjoy the season and some of the treats, just be mindful of your choices. Growing up with a mom who is a dietician, I always remember her saying, “Whatever you put on, you are going to have to take off!”  So start the New Year at your best.

:: Do you typically gain weight during the holidays? ::



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