Has anyone ever said to you that having children makes marriage harder? Well, I’ve heard it a lot, but it was never true until now.  

Having a child felt like the opposite for the first 2 years, it actually made my marriage stronger, and I felt more connected than ever to my husband. Well…Turner turned 2 a month ago and my marriage became a lot harder very quickly.

Turner likes to play this game in the car where every time mommy and daddy talk, he screams.  Or basically, when either one of us are on the phone, he yells.  His sleep schedule has also drastically changed (due to taking the pacifier away and the time change), so he goes to sleep around 9/10pm, and wakes up around 5:30/5:45am.  This has left me mentally and physically exhausted, which has ultimately affected the relationship with my husband. We rarely have one on one time to talk, because by the time we’re alone at night, we are so absolutely tired we pass out immediately.  I don’t have much me time, and especially “we” time.

I know this is a stage, and in these frustrating and exhausting moments I remember that ultimately I have a healthy and happy baby.  I think of mothers and fathers who have lost children or children who have severe health issues.  I am grateful, and need to remind myself everyday of how truly blessed I am.

The Oneday app has been a great way to capture the little moments of my son that I might forget one day.  Like the way he says “I love you” with his itty bitty voice, or the sounds of animals he makes.  I really really hope my computer can store all of the photos/videos that I have accumulated and will continue to over the years.

Check out this adorable OneDay video of Turner I was able to create! 

OneDay animal sounds

OneDay is currently compatible from your i-phone or i-pad and stitches together short videos and creates a movie that you can share with your friends and family! OneDay gives you an array of themes to choose from to get the creative juices flowing. And with the holidays in full swing, they even have holiday themes to get you feeling festive.


::When {or if} did your marriage become more complicated due to kiddos? ::


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