A Warm Texas Christmas

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Like most Austinites, we are not from Texas.  My husband and I are from Washington, where each Christmas was filled with snow, big coats, and freezing temperatures.  This will be our seventh holiday season in Texas.  We have created a few ways to make a warm Texas Christmas “feel” more like what we grew up with.

Air Conditioning

Most holiday seasons we turn up the air conditioning in the car and at home to make it “feel” more like winter.  When it’s 70 degrees outside I get so confused.  How can it be December?!?!  So, we utilize our air conditioning.


It may be hot outside but we still sit down to a hot bowl of soup for dinner and a cup of hot-chocolate and a candy cane at night.  We crank up the Christmas music and even turn on the fireplace.  Atmosphere can impact your experience, so we create the environment of a wintery Christmas.

Holiday Events

Austin is full of holiday events, you can read about them here.  When we play outside in the “snow” or drive around looking at Christmas lights we truly enter the Christmas spirit.

Family Traditions

No mater the weather outside, what makes the holiday season truly special is who you are with.  So we have kept our family traditions alive!  We look forward to Christmas through Advent (link to Advent post), work on a holiday puzzle at night, eat lots of chex mix, decorate our tree, and sing carols.  Our family traditions truly make the season special.
So, as the sun shines and we all enjoy the warm summer temperatures outside… grab your hot chocolate and sing a Christmas carol or two because it’s almost that special day!

How do you make it “feel” more like Christmas?!



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