Although you have a few months before the baby arrives, now is the time to start getting ready for baby. Here are some tips to save money before your bundle of joy arrives.

Austin Moms Blog | 8 Money Saving Tips Before Baby Arrives

Don’t buy everything at once. Think about your baby’s immediate needs for the first couple months after she is born. You probably won’t need a crib or even a high chair right away. This can give you some extra time to save up for these larger purchases.

Additionally, you may realize that your baby doesn’t like what you have pre-bought (bottles, pacifiers, etc.) so buy just enough to start. Once you find out your baby’s preferences, go back and stock up.

Buy in bulk. Not only does buying in bulk save money on a per item basis, but it also saves gas and time shopping.

Spend money on what matters. Rather than buying brand new or top of the line this and that, spend your money on the important items, such as safety items like car seats and cribs. These items have new safety features added regularly, so it’s best to buy new.

Consider gently used or secondhand. Shop at rummage sales, consignment stores, or borrow from family/friends for items that you or your baby will quickly outgrow such as maternity wear or baby clothes. 

Be honest about what you want/need for your baby shower. You probably don’t need a silver rattle or monogrammed burping rags, so use your baby shower as an opportunity to get the items you really need. Also, wait to go shopping for certain items until after the baby shower. This way you know exactly what you need.

Go with generic or store brand when possible. Your baby doesn’t know the difference, so consider generic or store brand if it can save you money.

Research, research, research. Before you buy, do your research. Look up the product or item on parenting boards to see if the product and price is worth it. Talk with other moms and dads to find out what they recommend as well.

Get crafty. Decorating and getting the baby room ready can be quite costly. Take the do-it-yourself route to save money. Sites like Pinterest are filled with inspiration and how-to guides that can make it easy to decorate on a budget without sacrificing quality or creativity.

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