Here are your Top 10 – absolutely, positively – must have items at the hospital!

Last year, Ashlee blogged her must have’s and I blogged a very long list (what was I thinking?) a few years ago on my personal blog.  We had a lot in common, and there are zillions of lists on the interwebs, so I know how overwhelming it can be.  That being said – I’ve whittled my list down to bring you the essential top 10.  Sure, you can pile on a million other things, but it’s really not necessary.  I learned that when I went into labor 5 weeks early and didn’t even take a bag.  I was able to manage without a lot of the frills!

Wine all you want

1.  Carseat.  You cannot leave the hospital with out it – so bring it with you.  They asked me when I was checking in and looked at me like I was a bad mother when I didn’t have it with (see above – labor started 5 weeks early!)

2. ID, Insurance Cards & a Birth Plan.  Even if you pre-register and have been over your plan a hundred times with your doctor, they may still need something, so make like a MasterCard and never leave home without it.

3. Diaper Bag for Baby!  Be sure to include a couple of cute outfits and a couple of Aden + Anais swaddle blankets.  They are the best!  For more ideas on diaper bags & what some AMB mommies put in them, check out our “Whats In Your Bag” Blog, and I have a list of what to include, here!

4. Electronics.  Don’t forget your phone, camera and CHARGERS.  I cannot stress this enough – there is no greater bummer than trying to update social media and realizing that your phone is in the red zone and you forgot a charger!  You will want to capture these moments!

5.  Bathroom Essentials!  Make a little bag of travel sized shampoo, conditioner, hand/body lotion (I suggest something unscented, as a personal preference, I didn’t want super strong smelling things around me and filling the small hospital room.  Plus, baby’s skin is sensitive and I would feel terrible if my new baby had a reaction to my lotion.  Make sure you have a toothbrush and toothpaste (I bought inexpensive ones that we don’t have to worry about loosing or forgetting – leave the SonicCare at home.)  And don’t forget your hair accessories (brush/comb, hair bands, head bands, hat, whatever you want to get your hair out of your face…it WILL drive you nuts.  Be aware:  there will be lots of photos taken, so you want to take that into consideration when choosing your hair styles.  😉  And, obviously, Make Up.  I was very pale after giving birth due to some blood loss and anemia.  I was SO happy to have my little make up case with mascara, concealer, bronzer and tinted chapstick.  I looked like the happy and healthy momma that I was!  And, as I mentioned before, people will be taking pictures, and you want to feel good about yourself!

6.  Nursing bra & tanks.

7.  PJ pants, a cardigan or robe.  I wore nursing tanks the entire time for both of my kids, but at times was a little chilly – I didn’t want to wear a full of robe, so a cardigan was the perfect choice.  PJ pants were a comfy choice for walking the halls, laying in bed, and staying “together” after giving birth.  I wore maternity pants because they were high waisted and went over my C-section incision.  Super comfy!

7.  Comfy slippers or flip flops for walking the halls (especially if you have a C-section!)

8.  Snacks.  Do not, I repeat, do not rely on hospital food to give you energy or satisfy your hunger.  While you can have friends/family bring food and snacks…it’s always a good idea to have a few things on hand in case a hunger pain comes on in the night

9.  Boppy or some other nursing pillow.  These come in handy for more than just nursing!  Think pillow for your head, photo shoot prop, helping a younger sibling support baby, just letting baby rest on the pillow on your lap to give your arms a break!

10.  YOUR going home outfit!  I highly suggest wearing a DRESS or tunic top of some sort.  When I had Hudson I wore a cute (so I thought) track suit and nursing tank and I felt and looked like a stuffed sausage.  Loose and flowy is the name of the game!

So, having done this a couple of times, I am definitely not a professional, but feel pretty confident in this list.

Tell us other veteran mom’s out there – what were your must have’s?  Comment below or on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and sound off!



  1. Make sure any pajama pants you bring are still pre-baby size…it’ll take a while for your belly to go down. Also, make sure the waist band is comfy and non-restrictive. I had a C-section and didn’t want anything tight.

    Also, bring dry shampoo! I can freshen up your hair without having to wash it.


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