Rubber Duckie, you’re the one…you make bath time so much fun! We all know the popular tune of the Bert & Ernie bathtime song; however, I’m not talking about a dinky yellow rubber bath toy here. I’m talking about a shower wand that takes the sting out of the shower head AND conserves water.

This a MUST HAVE for moms of babies or tots!

Rubber-Duckie-inshowerRecently I had the opportunity to try out, “Rickie the Rhino” shower wand by Rubber Duckies & Friends. The set up was super easy, it attaches to your existing shower head and has a converter option so the adults can use the normal shower head, but the kiddos can use the fun one. It’s allows mom to control the water pressure to protect the kiddo’s sensitive skin!

My kids are shower kids most of the time and Rubber Duckies & Friends just made shower time more fun. Now it’s even easier to get them into the shower without a fight because they LOVE Rickie, the Rhino!

  • Kids having fun in the bathtub?
  • Kids smelling better? 
  • Kids WANTING to take a shower?
  • Kids are showering in THEIR bathroom instead of ours?

This is a no brainer!

Other WOW factors?Rubber-Duckie-and-friends-logo

  • East to install
  • 2 way diverter to switch flow
  • 5 adorable choices of “friends”
  • 6 ft hose to reach anywhere in the tub
  • Mounts easily to tub or shower wall
  • No sting, gentle spray
  • Alleviates back strain and joint pain from kneeling over the tub
  • Includes wand, hose, diverter & mount for $24.99

No more wrestling the kiddos to get into those tiny crevices where they’ve somehow squashed a grape, made a butt mold of play-doh, or hidden a Cheetoh that only Sherlock Holmes couldv’e found. With the wand, MOM is in control of where the water goes and how hard it sprays.

No more aching back as you kneel over the tub trying to keep baby safe while you soap, scub, play, sing, and all the while making sure to avoid a head bump on the faucet.

No more fussing and wining because the “shower stings, mama” or “ouch, it hurts my neck” to get their heads under the faucet.

Meet all 5 Rubber Duckie Friends

Rubber-duckie-and-friends shower heads

Sponsored By: Rubber Duckie & Friends



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