YES!!! We are SOOOOOOOO excited to announce that THE Carrie Contey, PhD will be the featured speaker at our February 24th Moms in the Know!

Austin Moms Blog | Moms in the Know with Carrie Contey

If you do not know who Carrie Contey is, let me school you. Carrie Contey is a “mamma to the masses”, resident parenting guru and “cult hero”.  She brings a fresh, fun, joyous perspective on parenting with the education to back up her approach. In her words:

“I am not your typical parenting expert. In fact, I challenge the whole idea that someone outside a family could possibly BE an expert about how to parent within another’s unit. I know my clients are the experts, and I help them to see that too. My work offers a new perspective on children, parenting, family life and being a healthy, happy, whole human being. By guiding, supporting and inspiring my clients to live the life they are here to enjoy‚ I encourage living with a wide open and courageous heart”.

Carrie has inspired so many parents and people that she’s been featured on The Today Show, CBS Radio, National Public Radio, and has contributed to publications including Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Star-Ledger, and several others.

She’s kind of a BIG DEAL! 

Carrie co-founded the Slow Family Living movement and wrote the book, CALMS: A Guide to Soothing Your Baby, What Babies Want: Calming and Communicating With Your Baby.

She’s got the goods to back it up!

Carrie holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a specialty in prenatal and perinatal psychology, an M.A. in prenatal and perinatal psychology, and hold a M.Ed. degree in health education and health promotion and a B.A. in psychology.

Do you find yourself frustrated from time to time with your kiddos?

Would you like to rediscover the joys of parenting?

What about the joys of living?

Do you feel the need to simplify your life or your child’s life?

Carrie inspires parents to find the joys in their life! The joys of motherhood! The joys of toddlerhood! Bet you didn’t know there was joy in raising a toddler, huh?! Lol. 


Join Austin Moms Blog and Dr. Carrie Contey at

Moms in the Know

Mandola’s (Bee Cave)

Tuesday, Feb 24th

7-8:30 pm

Tickets are $15 or $10 for AMB Members

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Mandola’s will be providing bruschetta, fried mozzarella, bread and olive oil and sodas/tea for our guests. I will be arriving around 6:00 to order dinner, feel free to join me! I LOVE getting to know other mamas and I LOVE Mandola’s fedilini pachino!

Please RSVP on our event page, spread the word to all your friends and buy tickets, HERE. There is VERY limited seating at this event.

Remember, AMB members get a discounted ticket {use your AMB Password as the promotional code} and an extra name in the raffle drawing for giveaways.

See you there!




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