My husband and I have been together for a hundred years.  Our first kiss was on Valentine’s Day, so even though it’s not our anniversary, it is a special day for us and we celebrate our “month-iversary” every year.  Over the years we have given each many, many, many Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.  Now that we are older, it’s getting even harder to find the perfect gift. Not only do we already have everything that we need, it is just sometimes hard to be creative.

the perfect

Last year, I racked my brain to come up with the perfect gift and could not settle on anything.  I finally was (p)inspired and decided to do my take of a “Heart Attack”: A plain box full of construction paper hearts with little messages written on them. I took it a step further, and decided that I would write a heart for each month that we’ve been together: 192 months. I reminisced over our entire relationship and wrote down 192 funny sayings, quotes, things I love about him, song lyrics, memories, one liners that will only mean something to the two of us, etc.  It ended up being so much fun actually making the gift – I loved thinking back over our relationship together.  I put all of the hearts in a very plain brown shipping box, with a card on top that said “You’ve been given a HEART ATTACK!”

a heart attack

My husband was overwhelmed by the gift.  He started reading all of the hearts…but stopped after a handful.  He decided that he wanted to make it last longer, so he put the box on our counter (where he keeps his wallet and keys) and reads a heart each morning before work.  It was the perfect gift, and we both have loved the memories and sentiments.  This year, I’m planning to add 12 more hearts and add them to the box – so he’ll have to search to find the new ones.  The cool thing about this DIY – you can make it for ANYONE!   Make it for your children (imaging making this for your college bound kids to take with them!), make for your parents, make for your husband….get your kids involved and have them contribute to the hearts!

So, here’s the DIY Breakdown….


Construction Paper



Plain Box


Step One:  Cut out the number of hearts that you want to create.

(I did 192, one for each month we have been together)

Step Two:  Have fun writing on each of the hearts.

Step Three:  Write a note card saying “You’ve been given a HEART ATTACK.”

Step Four:  Put everything in a box and deliver to the lucky recipient.

the card

Easy and PERFECT!  Tell us – what are your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts?  Leave a comment here, on Facebook, Twitter or tag your favorite gift on Instagram!

And, because I can, a quick shout out –

Happy 204 Months, babe. {elephant shoes}




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