Married? Treat yo self!…Single? Treat yo self!…Divorced? Treat yo self!

The confidence you gain from wearing beautiful, flattering lingerie is an underestimated tool in any situation, not just sexual. But since this is Valentine’s season, we’ll just go ahead and start with sexual situations…


If you are a nursing mom who is too distracted by her leaking breasts to enjoy intimacy, find a nursing bra with seductive details like lace and push up enhancement to celebrate your new curves.

Since men are visual by nature, he won’t mind if you kept on something like the Sexy Mama nursing bra by La Mystère, which shows no evidence of being made to hide a couple of portable cafeterias inside and is incredibly stunning by design.

The Sexy Mama nursing bra by

And nursing or not, you will benefit from introducing teddies and booty-enhancing panties into your bedrooms. While men are visual, women often heavily depend on their state of mind during sex, including their self-image. If you look hot and are smart enough to realize that, you will feel turned on almost instantaneously.

But the power of lingerie goes beyond sexual confidence.


If you’re a working mom with a big presentation coming up and the anticipation has created self-doubt, try wearing a unique bustier-and-panty set under your best power suit, such as the tulle & lace bustier and V-string panty from this season’s Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection, pictured below. No one but you will know what you have underneath your professionally conservative exterior, but I promise you that you will be surprised at how much higher you will hold your head as you take your latest opportunity by the horns.

Tulle & Lace Bustier and V-string Panty by Victoria's Secret
Tulle & Lace Bustier and V-string Panty by Victoria’s Secret

Even catching up on chores and emails can be spruced up with lingerie. Just because no one else is looking doesn’t mean you don’t have an excuse to wear something that makes you feel good. I like something comfortable enough to be able to move around with ease, get some housework done, or sit back and relax with a cup of tea while I shamelessly watch Bravo all day. Look for lace details and soft fabrics such as satin or cashmere for added feminine charm.

Similar styles can be found at
Similar styles can be found at

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You promised yourself that you and your spouse will have a date night with each other once a week, every week, and you’ll be damned if you turn into a “frumpy mom.” But then reality happens, and before you know it, you’ve gone days wearing the same yoga pants, too busy chasing around kids and folding a never-ending pile of laundry to even notice that you haven’t kissed your partner in days.

Break out of that rut and wear something unexpected.

If you’ve become more demure and buttoned-up since becoming a mom, try wearing something daring. This is a fun way to remind you both that becoming a mom doesn’t mean you need to forget about your own needs.

The Hanky Panky Panty can be found at Underwear boutique on 12th St.
The Hanky Panky Panty can be found at Underwear boutique on 12th St.


Fathers can feel just as ignored and unappreciated as the rest of us. The time and effort it takes to put a (very big) smile on his face is a turn-on in and of itself for him. Most men are aware of how difficult it can be to find time in your already hectic day, find something special that you hope he will love (which he will, but more on that in a bit), and still be willing to throw your sore feet into a pair of sexy heels at the end of a long day because you know that’s what he likes. You may be surprised at how much more effort he will begin to put into making you feel wanted after showing him that his needs are just as much of a priority as the rest of the family’s.



Lingerie is like pizza–even if it’s bad, it’s still kind of good.

For many of us, feeling sexy and wearing lingerie doesn’t come natural, and we end up feeling self-conscious and silly instead of fierce and self-assured.

So I asked a few fathers I knew if there was anything they could “do without” when it comes to lingerie, maybe something a spouse has worn that was a total fail. Bright colors? Head-to-toe leopard print? Costumes?

I was shocked that every single one of them said no without hesitation.

They claimed that even if you choose something that may not be “their style,” the simple fact that you have lingerie on at all is enticing.

Don’t get so caught up in what to buy. They really couldn’t care less.


Let’s not forget what lingerie was originally intended to do—flatter a woman’s figure by minimizing flaws and maximizing assets.

A lace-up corset will whittle your waist while bringing attention to the abundant cleavage it creates.

Add a garter belt, sheer hose, and heels and it creates a seductive silhouette. Heels may be considered more of an accessory than actual lingerie, but they can make your legs look long and toned as well as lift and accentuate your bum.

A bodysuit is also great option if you’re self-conscious of your belly.

Lace bodysuit by Anthropologie
Lace bodysuit by Anthropologie

With about 85% of us walking around with the wrong bra size, boob spillage and back pain is happening more often than it should . Get fitted and do so as your weight fluctuates. The Bra Chick is an amazing option to ensure you’re getting the RIGHT size and style! Pregnancy, birth, hormones, breastfeeding, quitting breastfeeding–these are all factors in why a mom’s bra size often change.


We are all aware of the holiday themed collections popping up for Valentine’s Day, just a couple of months after the racks were adorned with sexy Santa costumes. But don’t limit the days you pull out your boudoir best to just a handful of days a year.

Whether you or your husband has earned a well-deserved raise at work, you just closed on your new house, or it’s just an ordinary Monday, give yourselves something more than just a visit to your neighborhood Olive Garden.


You may be thinking, who has the time or the money to go out and hunt for this stuff?

You don’t need much of either to pull of a look just as tempting as a $450 La Perla bra.

Raid your man’s closet and throw on his white button down or favorite sports jersey over nothing but a pair of pretty panties.


Put on a push-up bra, some nylons, and heels, and you’re good to go. Lose the bra if you want to raise the heat index.

I actually own a pair of American Apparel cotton thigh-high socks to wear under pants during the winter, but they can also double as lingerie when paired with playful boyshorts.

Have you ever thought about having a lingerie party for you and your closest friends? The Bra Chick offers a unique and fun experience! They come to you and the fitting and shopping fun begins!


 How many of you moms out there incorporate lingerie into your wardrobes? What’s your reason for wearing it?



  1. Good read, and all good points. Especially #5 ladies. You can’t get it wrong. We’re already with you because we think you’re mentally and physically the sexiest woman to walk the earth. With or without lingerie. Lingerie simply adds to everything we already love about you. No matter what it is, it will be exactly what we’d love because you took the time and thought to do so. You can also bet your laced buns to always see something whimsacle in return from us as well 😉 That’s what always keeps things fun and interesting.

    #8 is great too. It obviously doesn’t take much to get our rocks off seeing you in the minimum amount of attire, and there’s nothing like seeing your better half in one of your very own button downs or Tees. Meeeow, haha.

  2. Oh my gosh. I died laughing at the first line of number 5. Lingerie is like pizza-even if it’s bad it’s still kind of good.
    It’s hilarious because it’s true. Great writing!

  3. I recently found some awesomely cheap steals at Burkes. I imagine the same steals can be found at the tjmaxx, ross and other similar stores. I’m talking $4. So even if they wear out fast, the minimal cost won’t put you off/out.

  4. Thank you all for the great feedback! This was a blast to write, and I love knowing you enjoyed it! 😀 XoXo

  5. where does one find “pregnancy lingerie?” I feel like lingerie looks hilarious/ridiculous on my 7+ month pregnant body.


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