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If there is something that can make your job easier as a wife and mama you would do it, right?! Wellllll, if you don’t utilize subscriptions on Amazon or Target you need to. Seriously, hurry up! You know every time you go to Target there is always at least one thing you forget, and it is usually the one thing you really needed. These subscriptions will more than likely solve that problem.image

I have been using subscriptions for a long time now, but just recently started them with Target. It comes with a discount, Target can be up to 10% plus sale prices when you find them. Amazon can have sales, plus a prime discount, plus an extra 20% when you have 5 or more subscriptions in a month.

I have subscriptions for things like:

  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • razor refills
  • trash bags
  • dish soap
  • baby food
  • paper plates
  • mascara
  • snacks

the list of options literally goes on and on and on. Anything from…

  • laundry soap
  • dishwasher detergent
  • groceries
  • pet supplies
  • diapers
  • baby supplies
  • cleaning supplies
  • too much to list….get online and be amazed!


image (9)You choose how much you want and how often you receive it, set up your payment then it just automatically ships to your house at the same time a month {or how often you decide…6 weeks, 8 weeks, etc).

I love that when I go to the grocery store I know these things I don’t ever have to worry about. It simplifies and makes my job a little bit easier. Who can argue with that logic?! I also have not run out of any of these things since starting the subscriptions and that is amazing! So if I am complaining about needing to shave my legs it is because I just haven’t had the time or desire, not because I don’t have the razor refills.image (8)

I highly suggest giving this subscription thing a whirl, what do you have to lose? Your mind is already gone, so you might as well be fully supplied with all the essentials 😉

*I didn’t get benefit in any way by bragging for these two companies…I simply shared this info because I love it that much. If Target or Amazon want to thank me with gift cards that is cool with me however since they are competitors I doubt that will happen. Darn.*

Have you tried out subscriptions yet? What do you think about them, like/dislike?



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