Hi! My name is Lydia, and I’m married to Scott. We have two kids, Violet, who just turned 3 and Ezra, who is 7 months old. These days I feel like life is so full it is kind of just spinning…between lots of playdates, storytimes, dancing, naptimes, swim classes, bible studies, etc. In between all of that craziness, I’m often planning or thinking through whatever errands or chores need to be done around the house to prep for hosting friends from our neighborhood or church (or both!) in our home.

I love to have people over and also be out and about and involved with my kids and friends. On the other hand, I also really love a good glass of wine, plate of cheese/crackers and quality time with my husband spent eating out or just talking or watching TV on the couch. And truly my favorite moments as a Mom are some of the most the simple times when I’m snuggling with my kids or enjoying nature together outdoors.

I have to admit I struggle to answer the question “where are you from?” because I’m not truly from Austin, but I don’t know what else to tell you! Can anyone else relate to that? I was born in Boston, but then lived in Virginia for 15 years before my family and I moved to Michigan. Scott and I met there, we both graduated from Calvin College, and then we got married and moved here to Austin in 2007. So since I’m going on 8 years here now, this is surely home. I love that I’m getting more comfortable saying that and I love to think that my kids will always be able to say they were born and raised in Austin, TX. I’m jealous!

I am passionate about Jesus, and I love to talk about Him and read the Bible to learn about His amazing life and sacrifice for us. It brings me such joy and peace and hope to believe that there is a God in control of this crazy world and as a Mom, I am always encouraged to remember that no matter what I do I am always a daughter of God. My husband is on staff at the Austin Stone Community Church and I’m proud to support him and be part of ministry with him.

In addition to supporting Scott and being involved with our church and community, I’m a work-at-home-Mom (WAHM) and I help businesses communicate about their products, services, news, etc. as a part-time PR professional. Generally I am hired to help clients with writing, marketing, and specifically to obtain media coverage. I love to help connect business leaders with media contacts as it fosters the “newscycle” and helps to inform people about businesses and products that are new or beneficial to them. Separately, I also am a sales consultant for Norwex, a company that makes great products for housecleaning and skincare without any toxic chemicals. I’m really proud and thankful for both of these opportunities as they challenge me and bless my family and a small but significant financial boost. Every penny counts, y’all!

One of my favorite things about being a Mom is how fun and helpful it is to be with other Moms. I love that this is a lifelong role we are in together, with such a special and powerful bond. The way Moms can relate to one another’s highs and lows so well — it’s really unlike any other type of relationship I’ve been part of before and I’m thrilled to help foster more connections and community for Moms here in Austin.

Looking forward to sharing about Mom-life with you and hope to meet you in the future around town sometime soon!



Lydia Hekman
As the Sales Manager for Austin Moms, Lydia works with our amazing advertising sponsors who enable our site to continue to flourish and grow! She loves to help businesses spread the word about their products or services and how they can support Austin Moms. Lydia has been married to Scott for almost 13 years, and she is Mom to Violet, Ezra & Sylvia. She loves serving local Moms as a part of this Austin Moms team, but also separately as a birth doula. She and her family are partners of the Austin Stone Community Church where her husband Scott is an Executive Pastor & Elder. Lydia also loves going out to eat, vacationing in Michigan and spending time with her friends and family. 


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