Austin Moms Blog | An Open Letter to Teachers

Dear Teacher,

You are a saint. You spend just as much time with our kiddos, some weeks more, as we do and you keep coming back. We know you get paid and this isn’t just out of the kindness of your heart, but you and we also know there are much easier, less snot-wiping, more complete-sentence jobs out there that pay the same or more. So a lot of it truly is out of the kindness of your heart.

Because of you, we’re better mothers. We can’t be our children’s sole educator, either because we need to work or because being a 24/7 teacher just isn’t in us or one of a hundred other possible answers. Instead of feeling insufficient or incapable if we had to struggle through the sole educator role, you let us be confident that our children are learning and comfortable tending to other elements of our lives and families during that time.

You’re part of our village. We echo each other’s lessons – “no hitting,” “remember to say please,” “take turns.” We can compare notes on nap habits, eating habits, new words that are not quite intelligible to the adult ear yet. We lean on you and you’re there every time.

We may not always say it as we’re bending down to kiss our kids (and trying to remain decent in business skirts and heels), or as we’re juggling a sippy cup, lunch box and Valentine’s Day cards (which we wrote his name on at stoplights), or while we’re signing permission slips (with Hello Kitty pens) on the wall outside of class, but we really appreciate you. We appreciate all you do for our children, our families and us.

To put it simply: thank you.


The Moms




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