Austin Moms Blog | What Every Mom REALLY Wants for Mother's Day

Listen up, gentlemen; forget about all the other holidays; hands down, Mother’s Day is most mother’s favorite.  Why?  Because when you are a mama 24/7, 365 days of the year, nothing means more to you than that one day of celebration in honor of you, the Mom.  Now I know I may not speak for everyone, but I also know that I can’t be the only one who could care less about expensive, fancy, presents.  I want the things that I can’t have, the things money can’t buy.

If you want to really make Mom happy this year, follow these directions carefully and give her one or maybe all of the things on this list.

  1. Sleep– As mothers we rarely sleep and if we do it is disrupted sleep. We wake up early to pack lunches, get the kids dressed, and we stay up late when they are sick, have scary dreams, or just need to be nursed.  Nothing would mean more to mom than to let her sleep in this weekend and wake up when her body wants to; slowly and quietly.
  2. Peace-Every day is filled with crying, screaming, questions….lots and lots of questions, phones ringing, games dinging, and let’s not even mention the shows we have to endure. Sometimes as a mom, it is hard to get a second to even think straight.  Give mom an hour of peace to do as she pleases without any interruptions.  Ahh… Can you hear it?  That is the sound of peace!
  3. Privacy-Before becoming a parent going to the bathroom was never considered a vacation, but sometimes you might find mom “going to the bathroom” just to get away for a bit. Most of the time the vacation ends with the kids in the bathroom or begging to get in.  Privacy is something that is taken for granted before having kids.  Mom would love nothing more than to chat with a friend without little ears listening in, pee by herself, or try on clothes in a store without kids crawling under the dressing room door.
  4. Alone Time-We all need time to recharge. It gives us the energy to come back feeling like we can take on whatever parenting throws our way.  Consider giving mom time to bathe and shave her legs (that is a rare in my house), a quick trip to Starbucks, or an hour at Target by herself.
  5. Appreciation-As moms we wear many different hats; chef, teacher, nurse, psychiatrist, you name it and we do it on a daily basis. Sometimes the only thing that we need to hear every now and then is a simple thank you or you are doing a great job as a mom.  We all just want to feel important and know that what we do as mothers doesn’t go unnoticed.  Tell mom what you love about her and it will surely make her day.
  6. Drinks– Whether it is coffee, cocoa, or a whole bottle of wine 😉 Buy her favorite and you could even pair it with her favorite sweet for bonus points.
  7. Food-They say it is the way to a man’s heart, but I know that it is the way to a woman’s heart as well. Moms often skip meals or eat off their kids’ plates because frankly they are too busy to sit down and actually chew their food.  Give mom a break and cook for her and let her enjoy and savor every bite.  You might as well do the dishes too while you are at it. This brings me to my next gift.
  8. Help around the house-The housework is never ending and some days as a mom you just want to cry because the laundry piles are swallowing you whole. Hire a maid for a day or get the kids to help you clean the entire house and have mom start the week off right.  I guarantee she will thank you from the bottom of her heart.
  9. Pampering-Motherhood is filled with spit up, runny noses, dirty diapers, and little monkeys hanging on us all day. Give mom a day to relax and feel like a queen.  Give her a gift card for a nail salon, a makeover, or a massage.  She deserves to feel pampered and beautiful.
  10. Homemade gifts from the kids-Moms love handmade kids from their little nuggets more than anything. When it comes down to it, our children are the reason we are Moms and the handprint plates and colored cards are the things we cherish more than anything.

Start planning today how you can show mom the best Mother’s Day yet, and maybe, just maybe, the favor will be returned come Father’s Day!


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