Father's Day


When I met my husband, Alex, as a freshman in college, I remember him talking about how excited he was to become a father one day. That it would be his life’s greatest accomplishment. You’d think I would have snatched him up right then and there and made him my husband, but oh no. It took another 3 years for that to happen.

Now it is true, my husband doesn’t do as much as I do around our home. I do most of the housework, and most nights I put our son, Turner, to sleep and wake up with him during the middle of the night. BUT, Alex does a great job at the things he does best…being a positive and fun dad, working his butt of during the work week, and mowing the lawn ; ). I can see the passion Alex has for raising a confident, hard working and humble child. Turner lights up whenever Alex walks in to the room.  He loves to wrestle, go to home depot, and build things in the garage with Alex.

So, for Father’s Day I want to spoil my husband, and show him I much I appreciate the role he plays in our son’s life. We lead our children by action, and I know Alex’s actions are teaching our son how to become a kind, hard working, passionate and caring man. I encourage you this Father’s Day to not only spoil your spouse but also your Father. Let them know how much you respect them and appreciate the work they do for your family.  A woman’s respect and words of affirmation go a long way for most men.



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