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I’m actually not a sentimental, take-lots-of-photos type of gal. Nor am I in the habit of spending big bucks to have someone take pretty pictures of me (filtered selfies will suffice, thanks.) But motherhood has me realize something essential about the art of holding onto memories: it’s not possible to be completely absorbed in a memorable activity and eternally document it via photo. It’s the ultimate irony: we’re so anxious to remember the moment by photographing it properly that we can’t actually savor it while it’s happening.

For a long time I didn’t realize that there was a simple solution to this dilemma, that I could actually have events like birthdays and family reunions professionally photographed without paying those once-in-a-lifetime wedding photographer prices. But thanks to Austin-based startup, photographing special moments has suddenly become both affordable and stress-free.

The rapidly growing business, headquartered in downtown’s Capital Factory, connects people with local photographers whose hourly rates start as low as $25. The process is simple and seamless: enter your zipcode on the website to scan the work and profiles of nearby photographers. Choose your favorite, click “Book”, and the photographer of your choice should respond to you via the website within 24 hours. What’s more, you will receive your photos through the website and the photographer is paid after the exchange, ensuring that you get your money’s worth. What’s more, if you book your shoot before July 1st you receive 10% off with coupon code AUSTINMOMS. And no worries, you’re able to book months in advance!

I myself got the exciting opportunity to utilize’s services and was directed by their staff to the photographer who best matched the style I desired. I chose a venue: a local children’s fair complete with Ferris wheel, pony rides, cotton candy and a stunningly picturesque carousel.


It would be my daughter Sofia’s first time to visit a fair, and I knew that if not for I would have to choose between documenting my daughter’s excitement or actually experiencing it with her. Luckily I now have both memories and photographs to treasure for years to come. Our photographer, Jenny, took some lovely candid shots of us that I can’t stop looking at. Not only did Jenny have a knack for making me look good, the photographs capture so intimately our affectionate bond.  These are timeless shots that I want to send to family and friends, frame in my house, pull out of a photo album decades from now.






I also invited Sofia’s best friend, and her mother, a good friend of mine, to join us. The photographs of Sofia and her little friend Rachel are some of my favorites.  Sofia never poses like this for me!kiddie_kandid-24



And what about this priceless shot of Rachel and her mom!


What’s more I never would have thought myself to utilize the pink-and-blue-painted wall [pictured above] as the background for photographs. Our photographer suggested it and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Clearly the girls loved the idea and made quite a show of posing for the camera with hugs and giggles.

To conclude, hiring my own paparazzo for a day provided me with some of the most intimately gorgeous memories. Thanks to [hyperlink here] us busy moms looking to photograph special events can now do so without breaking the bank or sacrificing our own enjoyment. Any birthdays, anniversaries, or other momentous occasions coming up? Consider putting down the camera and appearing in the photos with your loved ones! Check out nearby photographers on and see who’s a good fit for your family’s style. I hope your experience proves as memorable as my own!





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