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5 Reasons to LEGO and Enjoy Play-Well TEKnologies

When I heard about the LEGO Pre-Engineering event (ages 5-7 years old) hosted by Play-Well TEKnologies, I knew it would be the perfect play date opportunity for my son and his step-brother. When we walked into the Play-Well event, their welcoming staff invited us to experiment freely with the roomful of 20,000 LEGOS, an impromptu play session to warm up the kids’ curiosity and excitement.


Afterwards, the instructors explained to the children how to put together a toy truck as us parents looked on with enthusiasm.


I smiled as I watched Dre and Maddox break up to work on their individual projects, then come together momentarily to compare progress, occasionally exchanging ideas with other children, as well. Then their eyes lit up with joyous discovery when they both succeeded in putting together moving machines. They did trial runs using different parts and sizes to see what it would take to get their vehicle to go faster. I watched them work with their peers while at the same time maintaining order and focus. What’s more, they were having the time of their lives!


Before we knew it, the two-hour workshop came to a close, and the boys were begging to stay longer.

“Just one more machine, Mom! I’ll be quick,” Dre begged.

“Super fast! I’ll help him,” Maddox offered.

So, needless to say, the LEGO event was a roaring success. Below I have compiled five reasons you and your kids will benefit from a session with Play-Well TEKnologies

1. One word: LEGOS

Each class has over 20,000 LEGO pieces for your little to build with. That’s a lot of primary colors flooding your senses when you step into the room. Have your camera phone out and ready to capture your kid’s reaction when they walk in.

2. The Instructors

Play-Well was founded in 1997 by Tim Bowan who has yet to franchise the company. This means high-quality, handpicked instructors, many of whom were previous students at Play-Well. The instructors at this event carried with them an infectious passion for engineering. Each one was in their element as they encouraged the students by giving sporadic improvement suggestions to make the cars ride faster, yet interfered very little as we all watched the wheels turning in their little heads.


3. The Creative Freedom

The instructors gave the students minimal instruction to exercise their creative and technical independence. I’m sure I wasn’t the only parent who had to sit on their hands to prevent myself from interfering with the creative process while I observed the children struggling to figure out things on their own. But at the end of the session, the kids were that much more proud of their creations because of it.


4. It’s Affordable

No need to go digging through your kid’s piggy bank while they are sleeping to pay for a Play-Well event (not that I have ever done that…) because tickets are fairly priced so no need to worry about this program breaking the bank. For more information on pricing, contact your nearest event.

5. Play-Well TEKnologies Will Throw Your Next Birthday Party

“The best birthday parties are some of the most memorable and fun experiences of your life.”

–Play-Well TEKnologies

Play-Well’s birthday parties are not only a unique experience for your son or daughter, they are interactive. The program will bring their tools and instructors to the venue of your choice including your very own home, even one of their activity centers.

If your are living with a little LEGO-loving engineer, Play-Well TEKnologies will not disappoint.


To learn for about all the programs Play-Well TEKnologies has to offer–including classes, workshops, birthday parties, and summer camps–visit their website.


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