We are in the midst of Summer, and I’m sure you’re kids have eaten through your entire pantry. Here are some healthy summer snack ideas that are great to have on stock at home and to take with you on road trips or quick trips to the park/pool.


1. Whole wheat crackers and cheese

2. Fruit Kabob – take a wooden skewer and add strawberries, watermelon, bananas and grapes. Drizzle dark chocolate if you want extra sweetness.

3. Banana Pop – simply a frozen banana on a popsicle stick!

4. Fruit Smoothies

5. Healthier Baked Goods – Zucchini muffins, banana bread

6. Yogurt Popsicles – insert a popsicle stick and freeze

7. Snack Mix – make your own using whole grain cereal, banana chips, raisins, almonds

8. Carrots & Hummus

9. Oatmeal cookies – add raisins or cranberries

10. Apples & Peanut butter

11. Organic Edamame – some kids will love it, some will hate it!

12. Frozen Yogurt Blueberries

13. Granola Bars – get super betty homemaker and make your own! Here’s a great recipe.

14. Popcorn – an easy snack to put in a baggy to take with you to the pool or park

15. Frozen grapes – this is my favorite go to snack in the heat of the summer

I really….really dislike cooking, but most of these snacks are super simple. Good luck this summer Moms! I hope your kids stay happy, healthy and full!



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