My belly is growing and frankly so are my nerves… baby boy is on his way and the reality has set in. My husband likes to jokingly sing “The Final Countdown” by Europe, and then I nervously laugh and it sinks in a little deeper: Life. Is. About. To. Change…. Forever.

I am so thankful for this change (I know, such a small word to describe bringing a baby in the world) and am waiting on bated breath to meet this precious gift, but that doesn’t mean that I’m too blissfully unaware of the realities that will change in our lives forever. Let me just take one quick second to grieve the loss of being a DINK (dual income no kids). One thing’s for sure, UT tailgating weekends and random nights that turn into marathon beer pong with the neighbors will look a lot different. No more challenging my guy friends to chugging contests and then insisting I can still do the splits and round offs. At least not every weekend. 😉

For whatever reason, during a long part of this pregnancy I’ve attempted to trick myself into believing I’m not pregnant. What’s up with that? Although it did take me a while to start showing, until recently (this week….) I convinced myself I don’t look pregnant despite what my husband, family and friends said. “I don’t look pregnant! Look how flowy this shirt/dress/tank is! I don’t look pregnant! I could just have eaten lots of sandwiches!” Enter random waitress who oddly places both hands my belly and starts to rub “for good luck” (WTF?!). Dang it. I guess I look a little pregnant. And get your hands off of me, weirdo.

I’ve actually done a pretty good job at keeping up with exercise during this pregnancy. But one time, I went on a 5 mile walk. With the dog. Around 2PM. In the 90 degree heat. I felt great, rejuvenated, accomplished, until……… I didn’t. Toward the end of the walk I felt very dizzy, tired and had to sit down.

Here’s how the convo went when  I called my husband:

Me:  “I’m not feeling so well, I couldn’t finish my walk and had to sit on a bench. What’s wrong with me?”

Hub: “You’re pregnant. Did you take water?”

Me: “Um, no silly, I’m walking and not even running or anything.”

Hub: “Katie, you’re 25 weeks pregnant, you should probably take water.”


So now that I’m well into my third trimester, and taking water on longs walks, I’ll finally admit it to myself. I’m pregnant and things aren’t gonna be as they used to. For now, gone are the days of running jogging walking with out peeing every 10 5 minutes. Gone are the days of fitting into that one shirt that I actually thought made me look pregnant and now I can’t even squeeze into.

Here’s my third trimester realization: EMBRACE IT! I’m pregnant! I look pregnant! I don’t have to run a 5K any time soon! Eat dessert! Let the laundry pile up! I’m pregnant for God sake!


So, as I turn this page to the last chapters of my pregnancy, I turn to my mommy friends for advice on how to embrace and enjoy the end of pregnancy, and I hope that YOU can try some of these find the joy in these last few weeks too. Here’s what they said:

  • Go on a WALK!
  • Eat your favorite comfort foods.
  • Get a pedicure. Weekly.
  • Get your hair brushed and get pampered.
  • Enjoy some GIRL TIME. Belly laughs and maybe, just maybe, even some sips of wine.
  • DATE NIGHT with your significant other: especially at the movies. (Love this for us summer time preggers: think AIR CONDITIONING)
  • Swimming, even dips in the Barton Springs Pool.
  • BATHS – and lots of them. Play your favorite music. RELAX.
  • SLEEP whenever, however, for as long as you can. SLEEP.

It doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Embrace the change.




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