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Crunched for Time? Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule

We all remember where we were the day it happened.

The tragic moment when we looked in the mirror and realized that our age and motherhood’s grueling schedule had taken over our lives and left us with a body we barely recognize.

A little over a month ago, exhausted from a long day of work and motherly duties, I invited one of my best friends over for a night of chick flicks and gossip. We propped down on my couch as The Wedding Planner began, and without a second thought, wrapped my arm around the rolls of fat that hung over my jeans. I then looked down at my little gut which seemed to appear out of nowhere and I thought, When did this happen? I excused myself to the bathroom and pulled out my old scale then stepped on. I had gained almost 15 pounds since the last time I weighed myself earlier in the year.

I was in shock at how quickly the change had happened without me noticing before that night. Once the shock wore off, then came the disgust I felt for myself. It sounds harsh but that’s exactly how I felt having to wrap my arm around my belly. I’m thankful for that disgust because I became determined to do what it takes to not feel that way ever again.

But as a single mother with two jobs, how would it be possible to find the time?

After a little research, I stumbled upon the Crunch Live program, an online collection of workout videos led by some of the world’s most talented fitness instructors.


The video library is made up of 5 categories:

1. Chisel It- for cardio and strength training

2. Mind Body Burn- all about pilates, stretching, and yoga

3. Dance Rhythms- incredibly fun and modern routines for the dancer in us all

4. Quickies- short workouts for the days when you’re in a “crunch,” also known as “everyday” for us moms. 

5. No Equipment Needed- workouts that make any excuse unjustified

And since I am very easily bored, I was relieved to find that Crunch Live also regularly added new workouts to mix up my routine as well as preventing the dreaded plateau.

The videos are even categorized by not only instructor and class time but duration! The subcategories are 0-5 minutes (yes ma’am, that’s not a typo!), 5-15 minutes, 16-30 minutes, 31-45 minutes, and 45-60

With classes like Ab Booty Burn at 10 minutes, Brazilian toning at 15 minutes, and Upper and Lower Body Barre at 5minutes, fitting these videos into my schedule was not only possible but easy!

I hate cardio (yeah, I said it), but if I wanted to get rid of the fat on top of my abs, it’s usually a necessary evil—until I joined Crunch Live. Gospel House Aerobics is a 30 minute dance based workout led by the incredible Craig Smith. The routine is so uplifting and such a blast that I actually found myself jumping out of bed with excitement in the morning, rushing down stairs like a kid on Christmas morning to start my day with endorphins and the epic dance moves I’m known for (in my head).

And for the mornings my alarm didn’t go off and my son decided to wear his chocolate milk all over his school uniform when we were already running 10 minutes late, I would sign in to my Crunch Live account during lunch and play Cardio Burst Dance, a less than 1 ½ min video led by the inspirational LaShawn Jones.


With all the resources Crunch Live offered, I found myself sneaking in workouts while waiting for the pasta to finish boiling while making dinner, doing a 5 minute video during the commercial breaks as I caught up on my shows after my little man was in bed, and even used them as a reward for finishing my housecleaning chores.

It’s been a little over 30 days since I signed up, and I am very proud to say that I can sit down in a pair of jeans during my squad’s movie nights and not feel anything but confidence in my flat belly.

Crunch Live leaves no room for any excuses! And my body couldn’t be happier with that.

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"We all remember where we were the day it happened. The tragic moment when we looked in the mirror and realized that our…

Posted by Austin Moms Blog on Monday, November 2, 2015

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