Unsolicited comments from total strangers or mild acquaintances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just plain false and others are spectacularly useful. Here are fifteen unsolicited comments I’ve heard more than once.

Unsolicited and…

simply not true.

  • It must kill you to be away from your child all day. Kill me? No, not really. I like my job. It makes me happy, challenges me and truthfully, is a big part of my identity. Yes, there are days when I would rather be with my kiddo at the splashpad or enjoying the Thinkery without the weekend crowds but the overwhelming majority of the time, I’m actually quite pleased with the balance I have.
  • Terrible twos huh? Whew – maybe we dodged a bullet here or are just too naive to know any better. But man, I think my two year old is AWESOME. He says the funniest things and has such personality. Hands down my favorite age so far. Not terrible at all.
  • Firefighting…that’s scary. Thankfully, most days it is NOT scary that my husband firefights. They are really well-trained; his colleagues are competent; he’s smart and in great physical shape. So I appreciate your concern but I am pleased to report that it is not scary 90% of the time.
  • Is she a pit bull? No, darn you, she’s a mutt! A straight outta Town Lake Animal Shelter, sweet loving mutt! This comment also falls into the next category.

kind of annoying actually.

  • Are you having twins? Bite me. I was 38 weeks pregnant but had gained less than 20 pounds. Dude, if you think less than 20 pounds is what twins looks like, you are delusional.
  • At least you get a break when you go to work. Not exactly untrue but kinda annoying. I get a break from parenting maybe but I’m not at the spa. I do like my job (a lot even) but it is a job, not a vacation. So…I’m not sure “break” is quite the right word. Variety maybe?
  • Are you going to have another baby? All variations of this, y’all know they are my favorite {high levels of sarcasm}. Quit asking about my procreation plans and sex life, people! Geesh, mind your own business.

dead on accurate.

  • Your son is sooo cute! God, he really is, isn’t he? Do you know what he told me yesterday – he said “I busy my trains, Mama” and I just about melted with the cuteness. Oh and then at bedtime, he’s got me whipped because as soon as he says “I want snuggles with you” he’s definitely for-sure delayed bedtime another two minutes. For the fifth time that night. #mamaisasucker
  • Firefighters are so hot. Yes, yes they are and if you ask me, my husband should be on the cover of the calendar. He is smokin’ hot. That’s why I married him.
  • She’s such a sweet girl! Oh I know! You should see the way she snuggles in bed with us or sits at my feet when I’m working from home. She is definitely our first child.
  • Y’all are really lucky. We are SO lucky and not a day goes by that we don’t marvel at it and thank our lucky stars for it. We’re in a good streak and we know one job loss, one car accident, one anything awful could turn our world’s upside down.

totally useful.

  • This wine is better. Now THAT is the kind of unsolicited advice I like. Thank you HEB sommelier. 
  • It’s buy one, get one free. Well then yes, I will take another.
  • All of our purses are 30% off today. Ah, Coach Outlet saleslady, you speak my language. It’s not how much I spent, it’s how much I saved!
  • I have an extra drink coupon if you want it. God bless you and your Southwest Airlines rewards. I think we’re besties now (or at least for the duration of this flight).

What random unsolicited comments do you get?

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