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It’s a fact, kids are gross. I mean they’re cute and all, but if yours are anything like mine, it’s not uncommon to find one with a finger up their nose or another one running out of the bathroom having just touched the toilet lid. There is no better time to start teaching our littles good habits now to help prevent our kids from getting sick and stay healthy!
American Cleaning Institute would like parents of children 5 and younger to begin to learn good hand hygiene from the start. It’s also important for parents to demonstrate good behaviors, as well as follow safe practices when using and storing cleaning products where and when children are present.

We’re already deep into cold and flu season – but it’s never too late to start protecting yourself. Easy step? Keep your hands clean. Consider this: 65% of U.S. parents of children ages 5 and under don’t always wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, according to a new survey by Wakefield Research for the American Cleaning Institute. Any less than that and you could be leaving gross flu germs behind and spreading them to others.

And learning hand hygiene begins long before children can read and write. ACI offers parents five Finger Tips to help prevent their young ones from getting sick, spreading illness and missing school.


  1. Set a good example by washing your own hands often and properly.
  2. Teach kids to soap up for at least 20 seconds, rinsing and drying completely.
  3. Explain to kids the reasons they should wash up, to keep from getting sick and spreading germs.
  4. Tell kids when to wash, such as after using the bathroom, while cooking and after touching animals, blowing your nose, coughing and sneezing.
  5. Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizers or gels or antibacterial wipes on hand for when soap and water are unavailable.

How are you teaching your kids healthy habits? 

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  1. I have a fairly germ conscious 7 year old thanks to a few episodes of House! My 18 month old on the other hand is a walking germ! I am forever washing her hands or chasing her down with sanitizer.

  2. I wash my hands all day and hope to lead my kids by example. I have hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes everywhere at the house, in my bag, in the car, etc… and keep wiping my baby’s mouth, hands, toys…

  3. my kids are really great at brushing their teeth every morning and night. i always told them they’re giving their teeth a bath, just like they have to give their bodies baths everyday to keep them clean. we make baths fun with different colors in the water or make goofy hairstyles to keep them happy while they’re bathing.


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