Let me start out by admitting: I am not crafty mom. I always say craftiness skips a generation — and my own mom is supreme at just looking at anything I find on Pinterest and making it from scratch. I am more a “just buy” mom.

However, with the upcoming holidays I felt inspired to take on a project. I didn’t want anything TOO complicated (of course). Considering how much my daughter pulled my ornaments off the tree last year, I decided the idea of making her her own tree could be a good idea.

So I took on creating a Christmas Tree out of felt for my daughter. It is simple to do and my daughter and her friend really enjoyed taking the pieces on and off. For $10 of fun and a cute decoration for the holidays, I highly recommend trying it as well.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to your favorite craft store and pick out some felt you feel would look good together. I recommend buying patterned felt for your ornaments. Also don’t forget to get brown for a tree trunk and yellow for a star at the top.


2. Find a Christmas tree shape online to use as inspiration and cut out your tree.










3. Find “ornaments” you’d like for your tree. We did round circles using a cup for the shape, gingerbread men (find outline online), and stars (find outline online). You can use a Sharpie to outline them, and then cut them out.

IMG_8144 IMG_8145 IMG_8146IMG_8147

4. Let your kids enjoy the fun! They can knock them all down and put them up over and over, again and again.


What is your favorite craft to do with your kids during the holidays?


  1. I really should to try it with my kids. Too bad I have to wait too long for it. Gotta train to do something else until then. Thanks for the idea!


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