Hello Austin mommas! My name is Leah, and I am so pumped to get to connect with you through the Austin Mom’s Blog!

I was born in Dallas, and my family moved to Austin when I was barely six years old. So I guess you could say this great city and I have grown up together. I remember when Blues on the Green was held in the Arboretum by the marble cows. I also remember when there was no traffic. I would take glorious scenic drives with the windows down all along 620 and 360, belting to mix CDs, with no traffic! I loved Austin then, and I love it now- traffic and all.

I’ve been married for 10 years to my best friend, Matt, who barely made it to the ATX in time for high school, which is where we met. He went off to UT, I went off to Texas A&M, and only THEN did we decide we should date each other. Fast forward to today, and we have three bouncy boys (ages 6, 4, and 2) who cheer for both the Longhorns AND the Aggies. We don’t even try to explain.

People told me that being a parent was hard. But that was kind of impossible to grasp when my previous definition of the word “hard” was an upper level accounting test. It would be a maaaajor understatement to say that my expectations of motherhood were unrealistic. I imagined my future mom-self would mostly get spend my days doing my own thing (maybe laying out by the pool?) with a content, cooperative baby in tow. So, ummm… yeah, I was in for a shock. Parenthood has been more intense and (therefore) more rewarding than I could have possibly known. I write to process all that I am learning and all the emotion that comes alongside being a mom.

I am a deep thinker and an over-thinker, and it’s super important to me that my life lines up with my values. However, sometimes that thinking gets in the way of my decision making. SO, my most recent new motto (they change frequently) is: “Go with your gut.” This will no doubt eventually lead me down an unconventional path at times, but I am getting braver when it comes to charting new territory and doing things differently that what I know and what is comfortable. (More on this in future posts I’m sure.)

Interests, likes, and extracurriculars in no particular order: date nights, girl’s nights, Austin restaurants, breakfast tacos, Town/Lady Bird Lake, watching my kids play sports, group fitness classes at the gym (a new thing for this former lone-worker-outer), running, yoga (amateur), google-research, natural health, writing, my friends, my neighborhood, my church, my family, and Jesus, who is in and throughout all of the above.

I also write on my personal blog at Thanks SO MUCH for having me, AMB!


I’m a lucky woman with all these handsome boys around.


Matt and Me on our Wedding Day. Ten (short) Years Ago.



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