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Cheers Austin Moms Blog!  I am thrilled to be a part of this writer’s motherhood network.  I am an Austin “Unicorn” (given my extreme majestic and glorious nature of course… or better yet because Austinites, born and raised, are only known to hypothetically exist, and are spotted about as often as Sasquatch).  Like oh so many, oh how I adore my city, and like oh so many, oh how I deplore the traffic. Why am I obsessed with my native land? Well there are the obvious choices… the Longhorns, breakfast tacos galore, refreshing lakes, trails, parks, music, night life, festivals, the beloved late Leslie, the wonderfully strange older man that bicycles in a white thong… but mostly I love Austin because of the eccentric tolerance (and encouragement) for anything weird.  Weird is a comfortable zone for me, and where the world seems to make the most sense.  Therefore, I must live in south Austin right?  WRONG! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE South Austin, but I have been a north-sider my whole life. While my weirdness may be camouflaged by a subjectively normal appearance (no white thongs here) and a geography stereotyped for normalcy in juxtaposition to its South Austin counter part, just get to know me, I promise, I am filled with weird on the inside!

What is so weird about me??? Well for starters I HATE and I mean HATE, Pinterest. I’m sorry Pinterest, it’s nothing personal, it just makes me super jealous of all my creative peeps. Because sadly I am not one of them. On that note, as you probably guessed, I cannot stand any DIY project.  For me, it always somehow ends up costing more time and money than if I just purchased the item in the store—I might be (aka probably am) doing something wrong. I also hate making cookies from scratch.  Why?  Because again, I somehow spend $20 on cookies when the break and bake costs me $5.  And that would be alright, IF, and that is a strong IF, my homemade cookies were edible (sad face).


Of COURSE I married a man who LOVES DIY projects and baking homemade cookies. He is a much better homemaker than I am. When my husband Chad isn’t helping me with baking emergencies and correcting failed DIY projects, he works as a software developer. I married a wonderfully sweet nerd, who is the king of the “Dad jokes.” You know… the Dad that is friendly to everyone and tells jokes with puns in them. That’s him!  Let me tell you a short story to illustrate our differences. So someone selling something knocks on our door (like a cop knock). I nearly jump out of my skin I am so startled.  It is 8:45 at night—too late folks… AND I have one of those “knock on our door and you will be murdered because my baby JUST went to sleep” signs hanging up. Chad actually starts to listen to what said person is selling. I fly to the door (like a rabid bat) and explain (like a growling bear) why we do not care what they are selling because they just woke MY baby!!! So yes, I married the perpetually nice, even grounded guy; he married a crazy explosive mama bear.

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So when I am not fending off sales people and telemarketers (I am pretty rude to them too), I actually work from home part-time as a Communications Associate for an amazing nonprofit that provides children with special needs a therapeutic nature and adventure experience. So see, I have a nice side too (wink). I have my Masters in Social Work, and from therapy work to raising money for nonprofits, this is the stuff that fills me up. What else fills me up???  I LOVE to dance (flashback to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and every sleepover I ever had growing up—if you don’t know what I am talking about you may not be a 90’s chick like me). However, the humorous thing about my love for dance is it doesn’t love me back—It is strictly a one-sided infatuation. You see, I dance like nobody is watching… even when people are watching. My go-to is the old school classic “Baby Got Back.” That’s my happy place. What else fills me up besides Austin, writing, nonprofits, my husband, and dancing?  My crazy (the good kind of crazy) family, and of course my “new” 1 year-old daughter, Adelyn Rose.

The last few years have flown by! I met my doting husband (I am so in love with this guy) when I was 32, we married at 33, and I was in the hospital in labor on my one-year wedding anniversary (That’s one way to celebrate!). Whew! I blinked and my life looked completely different. These have been the most beautiful and miraculous years of my life. My daughter, Addy Rose, is the sweetest (ALL Dad), funniest (both of us), most dramatic (ALL me), and most interesting (ALL her) little human I have ever met. We do everything together, and I think of her as my tiny co-pilot. Now, I am excited to announce we are expecting again! While I am uncertain how logistically my life with two co-pilots will look… I can’t wait to find out. Life is filling me up, and I am just trying to take it all in.



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