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Hey guys! I’m Amy and a New Orleans native, and I miss it like crazy. After Hurricane Katrina my husband, Jason, and I moved to Memphis and started our family there. We have three boys, Jason Jr (8), Jackson (6), and Jacob (5). We moved to Round Rock about a year ago for a great job opportunity for Jason. We have been slowly trying to plant roots in Round Rock and recently moved into our new house near Hutto!! I graduated from LSU with my teaching degree and have been teaching ever since. I taught at the same high school in Memphis the entire time we lived there and I am currently teaching at Hutto High right now. GO HIPPOS!!

I am a police and military wife, so things can get stressful and chaotic in our household. There have been many times where Jason has been gone for deployments and training,which has left me to be a single parent for months. Luckily, there are no deployments or training in the future! The boys keep us busy constantly! They are all three involved in sports, and we are very involved in all aspects of it. I have learned how to be a boy mom and I have embraced every part of it.

Now, sometimes I have to remember that I am Amy, and that even though I am a mother and a wife, I am still Amy. I love to read. I can spend hours in a bookstore and be content. I love reading mystery and historical fiction novels. I struggle now to find time to read, but whenever I can squeeze a chapter or two in from whatever book I am trying to read, I do! TV. I enjoy TV probably too much. I love Real Housewives of Whatever City, Investigation Discovery Channel, and any trashy reality TV that peaks my interest!

All in all I am just a southern woman trying to raise my boys to be great men and love my husband the best I can, all the while watching my shows and drinking my wine.


Jason and I Credit: Kelly Ginn Photography




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