Hi fellow baby mamas! My name is Ariel Zarate-Carmona and I’m a 30 something mother of two. My daughters, Ellie (5) and Michaela (2) are awesome and the exact opposite of one another! We’re currently navigating through Ellie’s first year of kindergarten and working on potty training with Michaela. My kiddos definitely fall into the “girly” category and go crazy over makeup, dress up and PlayDoh. I’ve been with the love of my life Michael for 14 years, and married for 8 of those years. I don’t hide the fact that luck was on my side when I met my man!

I was born in south Texas but have lived in Austin for 23 years and plan to stay in my northwest, arboretum neighborhood for the long haul. Michael and I are steadily revamping our 1970’s house to be our dream home!

I graduated from Johnston High School (when it existed) and then from SMU with a degree in Art History. Later I got my certification in event and wedding planning.

I’ve owned my own business for 9 years; Hermanas, Inc. For a while the company focused on salsa (food not dancing). We won the People Choice Award at the Austin Chronicle’s Hot Sauce Festival four years in a row.  Some of you may have seen it, Don’t Panic Hispanic Salsa, in Spec’s or Fresh Plus Grocery. After having our second baby and trying to balance time commitments and evaluating what made me happy I decided to stop the salsa. Now, the company allows me to split my time between corporate coordination and wedding/event consulting. People think working with brides is crazy, but there is a lot of joy in helping two people kick off the next chapter in their lives. Plus brides are much happier when they have a wedding planner. Not to mention I have a ton a great party planning tips and tricks I can’t wait to share!

I have a passion for the arts, traveling and am thoroughly addicted to romance novels. Don’t be surprised to find book recommendations or some spicy tips in my posts. I love to be pampered, and I think it should be illegal for a woman over the age of 28 to have never experienced a spa day. We’re all hard working moms and deserve at least one hour a month to ourselves!Ariel Zarate Carmona Girls

My family and friends would probably describe me as fun, loud, outgoing and caring and I hope that comes across in my writing. I’m thrilled to be a part of AMB and hope my posts encourage positive and helpful conversations between moms. I’ll end this with one of my favorite phrases and one you will no doubt see in the future;

Get Excited Y’all!!

Ariel Zarate Carmona-GirlsAriel Zarate Carmona's Girls



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