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Hi there, I’m Lindsey and I’m looking forward to taking on this new role as a contributor to Austin Moms Blog! A bit of background on me: I grew up on the shores of Galveston Bay in a petrochemical blue-collar suburb of Houston called La Porte, Texas. I didn’t go off to college, but stayed in the Houston-area and studied communications at the University of Houston. I enjoyed the antics of living in a sorority house while still working hard honing my passion for journalism by writing for The Daily Cougar student newspaper and interning at the local ABC TV news affiliate. After graduation, I had a blast working in game operations with the Houston Rockets basketball team. We got to run around the Toyota Center & hand-pick contestants for time-out activities, escort the evening’s entertainment performers on-court, and throw out T-shirts to cheering sports fans.

However, after four seasons of pumping up the crowd during professional basketball games, I guilted myself into getting what I deemed a ‘big-girl’ office job and up & moved to Chicago. There, I went over to what some journalists consider the dark-side: public relations. In the Windy City, I began a career in agency-side marketing, advertising, and PR. Past clients include the “got milk?” campaign, Sonic Drive-In restaurants, and Coca-Cola North America.

Although mostly cold & grey, I consider those couple years in Chi-town the time I truly became an independent woman: working full-time, paying my own rent, navigating the dating scene, etc. Thank GOD I was there when I was: I met my husband –my beloved life companion & best friend– at a friend’s birthday party in Lincoln Park. We married in 2008 and spent four years in Kansas City before I had enough with those Midwest blizzards and made him take me back to Texas.

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Not long after, I set full-time work aside to travel, volunteer, and write. I consider Blog Joie de Vivre a lifestyle blog and nowadays I typically cover seasonal fashion trends and product reviews. It’s inspired by the French notion of a hearty, carefree enjoyment of life.  Which is not my natural disposition — I’m a closet overly-analytical introvert so my writing is really an exercise in looking at the bright side. And hey, being here deep in the heart of the beautiful Texas hill country doesn’t hurt.

Like literally EVERYONE else, I absolutely adore living life in Austin. I feel fortunate to raise a family here in this generously sunny, richly weird, independent-thinking, taco haven where live music can be heard even in the grocery store. After a three-year journey to become pregnant, we were blessed with the birth of a baby girl in early 2015. Every single day I give thanks & praise the Lord for her — she’s truly our greatest treasure! Currently, I’m a full-time stay at home mom & you can usually find us at a library story time, swim school, or music class. Aside from family-time, my ideal days are spent with my little girl on nature hikes, swimming, eating out, or fellowshipping with other mamas like each of you!

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