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There is SO much to love about July 4th. From family time to fireworks, the day is full of fun and sunshine. It’s so important to remind ourselves and our children WHY we celebrate the 4th of July. Sure the fireworks and sparklers are fun, but the reason we celebrate shouldn’t be overshadowed.

If you’re like me, you may have been walking around with a heavy heart for our country over the past few months. From the tragedy in Orlando to the political mess that our country is in, it can be easy to forget the goodness that our country was founded on. For me, July 4th is a great reminder to take a second to reflect on the blessings that our country offers.

Our freedoms shouldn’t be taken lightly, as we truly owe it all to the lives of men and women that have fought (and still are fighting) for our freedom. So on July 4th, in addition to the hot dogs and backyard BBQs, consider taking a moment to talking with your kids about what it truly means to be free.

Here are a few ideas for talking points or activities to do with your children:

Thank You Notes

Consider writing a thank you note to active military and their families. A great way to do it is through Operation Gratitude, Adopt a US Solider, and several other options here.

Freedom Hands

Have your child trace his or her hand. On each of the fingers, write down what makes them feel free. Is it going to ballet class? Knowing they can be anything they want when they grow up? Going to school? Choosing what book they want to read at bed time?

Symbols of Freedom

Encourage your child to draw symbols in our country that signify our freedom. Some ideas can be the American Flag, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, White House, etc.

Fourth of July Word Search

Offer your school-aged kiddos an opportunity to complete a word search.

Decorate the Flag 

Gather crayons, markers or colored pencils and have your child either draw or decorate the American Flag. As they color the flag, you can point out why our flag is red, white and blue. Red is a symbol for valor, or bravery, blue is a symbol for vigilance and justice, a white is a symbol for purity and innocence.

What do you and your family do to celebrate our country on July 4th? Comment below and let other Austin Moms know!


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