Why I love the Owlet Baby Monitor
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As a mom of three, I would consider myself pretty experienced at motherhood at this point. But one thing that I’ve never wavered on is bedtime safety. We’ve always had a bumper on the crib, but literally just for looks… the day the kiddo starts sleeping in their own crib, we yank it out. We don’t do blankets unless they’re swaddled tightly. And overall, we are just really cautious when it comes to our little’s sleeping during the younger years.

One thing that has really evolved over the 6 year span of me being a mom is all of the amazing new gadgets that make being a mom a little bit easier. From the evolution of swings and car seats to bottles and swaddles, there is no shortage of new and improved technology out on the market. But I’m not sure there’s any product out there that excites me more than the Owlet Baby Care. The Owlet Baby Monitor is the first smart baby monitor of its kind that uses hospital technology—pulse oximetry—designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. They’ve miniaturized this technology into a tiny, snuggly baby sock that your little one wears to bed. It’s totally wireless and connects via bluetooth to a base station and Wi-Fi to your smartphone… and let’s be honest, we always have our phones on us these days!


I have read countless horrific stories of babies going to sleep and just never waking up. It’s sad and I can’t even imagine, but it happens. I’m able to check on my sweet little one from anywhere at anytime when she’s wearing her Owlet sock. Gone are the nights of worry, fear, and anxiety. And while Owlet is not and does not claim to be a life-saving device, it absolutely eases some of the unknowns we have as parents. We must continue to monitor our child all the time and use the Owlet as a back up. With that said, Owlet is set up to give off warning signals in the form of color and sound {the two senses that react the quickest}. You can find all of this information in your pamphlet that comes with the packaging.

I’ve been telling friends, family, and anyone who will listen how special this product truly is. I think the Owlet should be mandatory for all babies. I won’t get into all of the scary statistics regarding SIDS, but the Owlet is designed to alert you if there is any drop in breathing or heart rate. I’ve been using the Owlet for 30 nights and we’ve had zero false alarms. In fact, the only time that the alarm has alerted me is when I’ve walked too far away from the base with my 2 month old or when we’ve lost internet connection. The awesome thing about the Owlet is even if you lose internet, the base and the sock are still connected so while you may not be able to check the readings from the app, it’s still designed to alert you should there be an issue. We’ve traveled several times with the Owlet and haven’t always had internet, but I continued to have peace of mind that I would be alerted from the base station to any issues. The Owlet will even alert you if the battery is running low!

The Owlet was extremely easy to set up so we could start using it immediately… I think we were ready to go in under 5 minutes! The first reading can take a few minutes so don’t be concerned when you are first setting it up… just be patient while everything gets synced! The sock comes in a few different sizes depending on your little’s foot. We started using the Owlet at 1 month so the newborn size is perfect for us for now! And I love how the Owlet team sends updates, emails checking in on the first few nights, as well as FAQ’s. The sock is designed to end readings when your babe is awake and “wiggling”, but resumes readings as soon as he/she settles down and falls asleep. They do this to prevent false readings that might freak you out.



I’ve loved having the Owlet monitor for our daughter and recommend it to any parent. Do you have an Owlet? Do you love it as much as me?!

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