Back to school time is officially here and if you’re anything like me, school lunches are already on your mind.

I’ve always had the best of intentions with my “being green” efforts so when I discovered Nude Food Movers I was instantly excited for school lunches! Healthy eating, healthy planet is the core message of Nude Food Movers and they are dedicated to the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Nude Food Movers have every type of meal covered, including lunch and snacks at school, at work and on the go. Their range consists of lunch boxes, snack boxes, stackable snack tubes, fruit movers, drink bottles and insulated covers in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Nude Food Movers
Nude Food Movers is a strong supporter of healthy eating and creating a healthy lifestyle. In 2010, Nude Food Movers in conjunction with Nutrition Australia developed the first annual Nude Food Day. The aim was to encourage Australians to pack nutritious, environmentally friendly lunches for work and school while raising money for healthy school programs. The event was a huge success, and has grown every year since. Nude Food Day is now a regular part of almost every Australian school and is starting to be adopted internationally as a way of promoting healthy eating and rubbish free living.

Nude Food Movers is available at HEB, Kroger, Walgreens, the container store and will be available on Amazon soon too! I’ve been packing food for my hubs, leftovers, food on the go, and all sorts of stuff in all of my super fancy containers. From salads to sandwiches, they’ve thought of everything!

Nude Food Movers is the largest brand in Australia and been in business for over 16 years! They are the hottest brand in Europe, fastest growing, and most popular with kids. All products are designed to make it easier for parents to pack healthy, nutritious snacks and lunches for their kids, whether at school, after school activities, sports, or just on the go!
All Nude Food Movers products are designed to eliminate plastic wrapping or any other trash.
Nude Food Movers makes it easier for parents to control the food choices of their kids. Too often if it is left to chance to “Pick something up” at an event or outdoor location it is a choice of either “Junk” food or expensive food. When you pack fun, healthy snacks in cool containers it becomes appealing to kids, and better for parents. Nude Food Movers helps parents buy favorite snack foods in bulk, and put into smaller containers for transporting around. This saves money, reduces waste, and is more convenient.
And if you don’t want to take my word for how awesome these products are just hear from Jamie Oliver and Bindi Irwin!

We are so pumped for you to try your own array of Nude Food Movers products and are giving away a huge stash worth $75 of items to ONE lucky winner!

Enter for your chance to win on Facebook! We will be selecting a winner on Friday! 


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