You know how every year someone knocks on your door trying to sell you cookie dough, coupons, or chocolate bars? Well if not to you, it happens to me just about every year and we always support the schools in our area and end up with pounds of cookie dough or one of those coupon books that we never end up actually using.

And then came Butter Braid PastriesButter Braid® Pastries are only available through fundraisers and the best part is that they are AMAZING!

Like seriously delicious.

The Butter Braid Brand is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary. Since 1991, Butter Braid brand fundraising has helped moms, volunteers, and nonprofit groups raise over $200 million to better kids, schools, and communities! Their pastry is hand-braided and filled with delicious fruit and cream fillings. The baking process is incredibly easy too and by the end of the day, you have a super yummy hot pastry to serve to the family!

  • It’s kid and mom approved for 25 years — so clearly they know what they’re doing!
  • It’s only available as a unique fundraising product — so if you’re looking for ideas for your school, this is seriously a good one!
  • Homemade appearance and taste
  • Quality ingredients; flour, sugar, and butter
  • Braided by hand with care
  • You make a difference through each pastry
  • It makes an easy breakfast, snack, or dessert and tastes homemade! My kids LOVED the Cinnamon Butter Braid Pastry!


Butter Braid Pastries come in a huge variety of flavors! Apple, Bavarian Crème, Blueberry Cream Cheese, Cherry, Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, Double Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry Cream Cheese, and Four Cheese & Herb.

Butter Braid Brand has a sweepstakes going on right now and you can enter HERE, but in the mean time we would LOVE to give you a 6 pack of Butter Braid® Pastry’s most popular flavors so you can try them at home!

  • Strawberry & Cream Cheese
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Double Chocolate
  • Four Cheese & Herb
  • Blueberry & Cream Cheese

Make sure to head over to our Facebook page HERE, “like” the Butter Braid Pastry Giveaway post, comment and let us know the flavor you are most excited about, and share with your friends! We will select a random winner on Labor Day night! 


  1. I love Butter Braids and pastry puffins no such thing as a bad flavors they are all soooooo good ! I couldn’t wait for my kids to sell them ! I know have kids lined up for the next 3 grades of 6th graders selling in Roseau Elementary school! ?


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