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Grandparents Everywhere,

We thank you.

We thank you for how many times you have responded to our SOS calls.

We thank you for loving our children so well. Especially on days when we HAVEN’T loved them as well as we would have liked to. Thanks for picking up our slack.

We thank you for all that you have instilled in us, that allows us to be the amazing mostly amazing sometimes amazing parents that we are.

We thank you for helping us keep our marriages intact. Without you, kidless vacations where Mommy and Daddy remember that, in fact, they DO still really like each other, wouldn’t be possible.

We thank you for giving us perspective. When our children are acting like tyrants, and you remind us that we once acted like tyrants too…and everyone survived unscathed…it gives us hope.

We thank you for really SEEING our children…seeing them for who they are, believing the best about them, and being on their side no matter what. We are too, of course, but the more people in their corner the better. Thanks for being a part of our village.

We thank you for every word of encouragement you have ever given us.

We thank you for every time you’ve attended their boring school performance, every time you’ve babysat and ALSO folded a load of laundry while you were here, and every time you’ve clipped their overgrown fingernails for us, and not said a critical word about it.

It must be hard sometimes being a grandparent..

You’re supposed to be fun, but you’re also supposed to respect mom and dad’s rules.

You have so much wisdom, from having raised your own babies, and yet you are supposed to refrain from doling out unsolicited advice (oh wait…you didn’t know that? Well now you do 🙂 ). That’s gotta be hard.

You’ve worked so hard for so many years…careers, raising your own children…now you are ready to relax and live it up! But instead, you willingly and joyfully give of your time, energy, and money to help us raise OURS.

It’s not easy.

You do it well though, and for that, we truly do thank you.

To the grandparents in MY children’s lives…to their Storytelling Papa, Nurturing Mimi, Hands-On Poppi, and Adventuresome Grammy…I’m so thankful for each of you. My boys hit the Grandparent Jackpot. They know it, and so do their mom and dad.

Happy Grandparents Day!




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