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I took two out of my three boys shopping with me today. Mall first, then Costco.

As a rule of thumb, I literally NEVER take all THREE boys on shopping trips of any kind. Ever. I RARELY take 2/3 of them. I did today though.

Our trip to the mall? Reaffirmed my decision to not take them on shopping trips. Costco? Well, it wasn’t half bad. It was actually pretty darn…ok. (I’m not going to say “great”. “Great” is reserved for me, shopping solo, sipping coffee, and taking as long as I want to peruse the aisles. But “ok” is maybe the most solid rating I’ve ever given a shopping trip with my two youngest sons in tow).


Besides the awesome things I bought, to ready myself for the frigid Austin winter, that I KNOW is just around the corner (ha), the trip was good because my boys were mostly content to just let me SHOP. Who ISN’T content when they are munching on samples of cinnamon role, and fried tilapia? Add the sample of the frozen veggie casserole concoction they were serving up, and the bag of Pirates Bootie I ripped open, and friends, lunch was served.


Anyway, on to my purchases. Look, I realize that by afternoon time, we here in Austin are still experiencing temperatures in the 90’s.  In the morning though, its chilly! It IS! For Texas, and for a girl who is perpetually cold, it’s chilly, ok? And it’s got me feeling all winter-y and COLD, and..I don’t know..like I need lots of cozy things in my life.  So I stocked up today.

I think it all began when I walked in and saw Costco’s display of cozy blankets. I am a SUCKER for blankets (did I mention I am perpetually cold?).  Soft, luscious, and tons of colors to choose from. I went with the one least likely to show cheeto-fingers and dribbled milk stains.  Cozy, queen-sized, charcoal-colored blanket..mine for $19.99. I would have paid $50 for it. But it’s Costco so I don’t have to!

One blanket in the cart, and that was it.  I was already envisioning being curled up by a fire, reading a book, snow falling out the window (a girl can dream anyway, right??)…probably wearing a pair of cozy socks.

Cozy socks!  Um……THESE are the best EVER.  I got both pairs for only $13 total.  I guarantee you I have spent triple on socks just LIKE these at other places in the past.  I kind of can’t wait to wake up and throw them on in the morning.  And when my husband laughs at me for bundling up while the rest of Austin is still sporting t-shirts and flip flops….I won’t even care.  I’ll just give him a swift kick in the butt with my warm, stockinged foot.

I believe pretty firmly that a day should be started with a warm cup of coffee, and ended with a relaxing glass of wine. I believe that DOUBLY during the cold and dreary winter months.  Waking up to a hot cup of coffee warms your bones! At my house, we go through coffee FAST (#threekids #allboys) , and our taste in coffee tends to be a bit expensive. Or should I say our taste USED to be expensive? That was prior to me discovering this 2.5 POUND bag of Kirkland’s Signature Ground Coffee. 2.5 pounds is a lot of coffee, folks. And it only cost me $17.00. Amazing.

When the day is done, what better way to END it, then curled up under my new blanket, wearing my cozy socks, drinking a glass of Malbec. Kirkland’s brand, you guys! Skeptical? Don’t be. It’s delicious, and cost me $6.99. That’s about a third of what I typically spend.

Ok, so two last items that made their way into my cart, on this suddenly winter-themed shopping excursion of mine:

  1. A new book, because…well, I’m a book nerd.  Costco sells books.  They’re cheaper at Costco than anywhere else. I couldn’t buy a blanket and cozy socks and NOT buy a new book.  Simple.
  2. The outdoor party lights my husband and I have been wanting for FOREVER.  We just finished remodeling a house, and FINALLY (a year later) it’s mostly all done, but the finishing touch that both of us have been dying to add is party lights on the back patio.  We had in our minds exactly the kind we wanted, and lo and behold….Costco had them, and for way less than we’ve seen them anywhere else.

So while I may be too cold to actually sit OUTSIDE and enjoy my new party lights, I will definitely enjoy looking at them from out the window, while I sit on my couch, with my warm blanket and cozy socks, sipping my glass of Malbec, and reading my new book.

Thanks Costco for getting this girl in the winter spirit…..80 degrees outside and all!


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