How do you thank the teachers in your child’s life? Get them a gift to celebrate the holiday season! Here are 5 gift ideas to help! 

Gift Card to Retail Stores

This is probably the most obvious, but it is one of the gifts that is most appreciated since the teacher can choose exactly what they want to buy! We don’t always know what to find from our fave store (like Target! =) ) for our special teacher(s) in our lives, so go with a gift card! Make it cute with little printables to make it fun: Amazon, Starbucks, or Target

A Heart-felt note from your kids

Teachers would love to hear from your kids about what they love about them! Have your kids write down a special note! It’s a perfect opportunity to teach your little ones all about appreciation, and what better time than the holiday season?! Use this printable to make it more fun and festive! 

Mason Jar Gifts

These are always so easy and fun to put together! You don’t even need wrapping paper since these are so cute just all by themselves! You can fill it with chocolate, ingredients to a recipe that they can put together, a little nail polish kit, or anything you can think of! Check these and these out for some more ideas!!

Homemade Goods

Something lovingly baked or cooked by you is always something that I treasure! Make a batch of peppermint bark or some Christmas cookies to gift to your fave teach! 

Gift Card to an Activity

My favorite type of gifts are “experience gifts.” The ones that I can use somewhere to do something with family or friends! Maybe a gift card to a Alamo or Cinemark? Or just a certificate for a manicure? Or a restaurant you know they love! 


If you want to get a really personal gift, print and send this form with your kiddos to get to know your teacher so you can pick something out for them you know that they will LOVE!! 


Download this worksheet here!

Happy Holidays!


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