Was one of your resolutions for 2017 to get a little bit more healthy and fit? Maybe focus on you a little more this year? Research it says that it is one of the top resolutions when a new year rolls around!!! 

But guess what? It turns out that mothers end up having the toughest time keeping this resolution. Are you shocked?? Personally, I wasn’t. It’s no joke trying to squeeze in time to make it to the gym, between all else we all have going on! It’s easy to put getting a workout in on the back burner, versus the laundry since that seems like a bigger necessity. Or you know the thousand snacks you have to organize every second? Does any other mama get tired of hearing the word snack? But I digress…

But it’s time to bring exercise into your daily routine mamas!! And guess what?? There are thousands of options just from the comfort of your own living room! YouTube is filled with amazing workouts to help you get back to your healthy self! Some of these are literally 10-15 minutes long, while others are longer! So many options, that you should be able to find something for yourself no matter what!! 

Let’s get to it!! Here are a couple that are bound to get your heart rate up, and start getting you into shape!

POPSUGAR Fitness – From over a million subscribers to their channel, along with their amazing free app that has workouts, you will never tire of what to do! This one and this one are a couple of my faves! But honestly, I have so many that I love from this channel!!

Fitness Blender – I absolutely love this channel. It’s simple. It’s not frilly. And has over 3 million subscribers!! And there aren’t hyper girls running around every video if that’s something that drives you up a wall each time you watch a fitness video!! HA.  This is the one that my husband likes too, so if we do a workout together at home, we will sometimes pull something off this channel and get a 10 or 20 minute workout just in the living room! Bonding time and getting healthy together!

Blogilates – A channel that was my introduction into the fitness world of YouTube! A girl named Cassey Ho creates amazing, fun workouts that you can do! Most of them don’t require equipment either, so you literally have no excuse to not burn some calories!

Tone It Up – Two girls and a lot of energy is what exudes from this channel. They have a lot of fun workouts and challenges to keep you motivated to keep on moving! 

Yoga With Adriene – With nearly 2 million subscribers, and an Austinite, this channel is one you’ve got to check out! Recommended to me by my neurologist for a lot of back pain I’m suffering through, this channel is really helping me get some yoga into my everyday, because she has really good content that is easy to follow and do! Grab a mat and get your downward dog on! #namaste

Be Fit – This is a great channel that has a lot of the top fitness gurus like Jillian Michaels who have videos for free up that you can do! 

Dance Fitness with Jessica – If you are looking to shake your booty and burn some calories, then this is the channel for you! Plus, some of these are the ones my kids will dance to as well, so I’ll end up doing these while my kids are around!! #winning

XHIT Daily – An awesome place to find really good celebrity workouts just in case you’re looking to get a booty like Beyonce! 

Moms Into Fitness – A great channel that has options for postnatal workout and a great place to start if you’re starting from square one right after having that little one!

JJ Dancer – Another dance channel to get your groove on so you can potentially dance off those pounds! My kind of workout! 

Do you have any favorite YouTube channels that you work out?? Leave more suggestions in the comments!!

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