Hi Austin moms! First off, my name is Jenna Zielbauer and I am so happy to be here with all of you y’all (must get used to saying that). While I can’t say I have this “mom” thing totally down, I do think I have a pretty good grip on it, at least for the moment! I’d love to share what has and hasn’t (believe me I have my fair share of misses) worked for our family, with all of you. I always say, ‘life as a mom is what you make of it’, so let’s have some fun!

About me? Well for starters, I am an Austin transplant (one of thousands, right?!) from Chicago, IL. My husband and I were looking for an overall lifestyle change after living in “The Second City” for most of our lives; we were looking for a place we could embrace the outdoors more, and a place that would allow us to give our daughter more life experiences. And, ahem, most importantly, we were looking for a place that didn’t have ‘feels like’ negative 25 degree temperatures during the winter months. Woof! So Austin was the city we chose, and we hope y’all will welcome us with open arms. Please?!

I am a SAH-working-M. I have a 2-year-old daughter, Maximara Monroe, who on most days is the light of my life. And on those other days, well, champagne cures all – right?! I like to call myself a modern mom – I love my baby but I have not forgotten about myself. I have not forgotten my desire to be social, fashionable, my need to stay fit, feel sexy AND healthy and my love for a well crafted cocktail, cheers!

I spend most of my time balancing being a mom, home manager, chef, chauffeur, gym enthusiast, doggy mom to our french bulldog (Rambo), wife, home cleaner AND business owner. There are some days I fantasize (yes fantasize, #momlife) about going back to work, sitting in a cubicle, and having a 10-hour work day. The uninterrupted bathroom breaks? Not having to hide while eating food the little one can’t have? Total dream. But then I look at my daughter doing something incredibly sweet and funny and remember why this chaotic lifestyle of being a SAH-working-M is totally worth it. As far as what I do for work, well, it’s actually really exciting…at least for a parent. I am currently working on bringing a product I invented to market that will change the way parents travel with their babies and toddlers. There’s nothing else on the market like it and, I promise you mamas, it is a game changer. You guys will be the very first to hear about Rock On The Go updates as the product progresses so please stay tuned!

In my “off” time, whatever that is, I enjoy a killer Sunday brunch, and cooking health focused meals. I am admittedly a superfood lover and could nerd out about superfoods all day. You want to talk green smoothies and supplements? Let’s talk…over a mimosa. LOL. I also am a firm believer in positive thinking and paying it forward.

In addition to reading my blog posts here, you can follow along on Instagram as well. I tend to get a little snap happy!


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