Hi Mamas! I’m thrilled to be a part of Austin Moms Blog, and to get the chance to talk about my two favorite things: my babies and Austin. I wasn’t born in Austin, but lived here for the majority of middle and high school so to me, it’s HOME. I met my husband in the middle of a bunch of cow pastures AKA College Station, Texas – WHOOP! We both grew up in Austin, but met when we were just two carefree college kids at A&M. We both loved Austin, and wanted to be near family so we both found jobs that brought us back home after graduation. We said “I do” in 2008, and I still say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. He is my rock that keeps me sane. 

Five years into my career after college, I found myself hating the corporate world so I started on my second career as an Elementary teacher. I LOVED it! We wanted a family, but I always saw myself as a working mom. And then I met Mason. One look at my 7lb 10oz ball of pure joy, and all my plans went out the window. Six months later, we figured out our new normal on one income, and I couldn’t be happier than spending my days being MOM. You get a LOT of unsolicited advice when you’re a first time parent, but the one bit of genius advice I got when I was pregnant with Mason was, “you don’t miss the things you thought you would.” This spoke to me so loudly once my first baby was placed in my arms. 
Fast forward 3 1/2 years and we welcomed our rainbow baby, Hudson, into our family. I’m not sure how I ever feared I wouldn’t have enough room in my heart (or my arms) for two babies. Hudson fits so perfectly in my heart, my arms, and our family. He is a little guy with a huge personality, and will soon fill his role perfectly as the middle child. We are expecting our 3rd boy in June, and to answer the questions everyone seems to ask…No, we were not trying for a girl. We were trying for a healthy baby. And no, I’m not disappointed to have 3 boys. And no, we’re not trying for the girl next time. I feel complete. I am thrilled to have another mama’s boy around, and I’m secretly thrilled to remain the queen of our house. I cannot wait to witness the bond I’m sure these three boys will have for a lifetime. 
As a mom of (almost) three, I still don’t have it all figured out. Hardly. But I do feel a little more relaxed with each boy we have added to our family. One perk of being on my third, is that we (sort of) know what to expect this time around. Which makes me much more relaxed as a mom. You’re welcome Tate boys. Our oldest is about to start Kinder in the fall (cue ugly cry) so a whole new set of curveballs are about to hit our home, but we are so excited to welcome the next chapter of our lives as a party of 5. And I’m excited to share our experiences and stories from our growing little circus with Austin Moms Blog!  


  1. Michelle,

    What a Wonderful Women you have grown into. It warms my heart to see what a Beautiful Family you have been Blessed with. It’s funny that your oldest child will start kinder in the fall because I have a Granddaughter that will also be starting kinder in the fall. I love being “Meme”, but you never really stop being Mom.

    Love You,
    Debbie (aka “Meme”)

  2. How fun! I didn’t know you blogged, Michelle! It was nice to blog-meet you. Can’t wait to read more of your stuff! x


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