The joys of being a new mama. Your baby sleeps almost all day, people are visiting you on the hour to bring you hot meals and clean your house, and you’re still high on endorphins from this new love in your life. This is eternal bliss RIGHT?

Fast forward 3 months, and you’re sleep deprived, you’re lonely, you’ve realized you cannot hang out with your non mom friends because of the “nap schedule,” and you commit to getting out of the house and doing some of that “stuff” you’ve read about in your mom groups. Ya know, “sensory” stuff, and music class and heck, while you’re at it, lets try to get a workout in!

Luckily for you, Austin is THE most MOM friendly town and there is NO shortage of “stuff” to do on the daily.

Here are ideas to try for Mommy + Me outings: 

Mommy + Me Fitness:

Stroller Strides 
Find a location near you…Austin has locations all over –from Sunset Valley to Pflugerville.

Baby, crawlers and toddler and mama yoga classes

Classes for 6 months+, divided into five 9-week sessions

Morning Parent and Tot gymnastics classes

Little Yoga House
Have classes for 5 weeks+ that includes part singing and moving playfully with your little yogis

Emler Swim School
Free Bathtime Babies course from age 2 months to 6 months gives you plenty of opportunity to swim along with other newborn parents.

Mommy + Me Outdoor Fun

Play-based outdoor learning, starting at 18 months

Austin Nature and Science Center
Nature exhibits, wildlife and tons of mommy and me fun.

Sweet Berry Farm
Pick apples and berries depending on the season. Fun activities and crafts during the holidays too.

Hike It Baby
Explore Austin one hike at a time with your baby or toddler.

Mommy + Me Story Time

Book People
Family-friendly weekly storytime for all ages

Public Libraries
Library locations
Storytimes happening daily all around Austin!

Mommy + Me Music Time

Heartsong Music
Music classes for all ages — with free preview classes throughout the year!

First class free!

Music Forever
Tons of interactive classes for mama + infants or toddlers or both.

Mommy + Me Crafting

KK’s Art Garage
Amazing, messy and sensory art classes for toddlers

Imagine That Art Space
Classes for infants and toddlers + mommy

Every location offers a fun free gym and also ART classes for babies and toddlers

And mamas, a word from a seasoned mama (ok my kid is 3, but still…) don’t stress about DOING IT ALL. There is no child in the world who cannot read because mama didn’t take him to every art class, music class and baby tai chi class before the age of 2.

Enjoy this journey. Have FUN with your new little companion, meet new mom friends…no really, ask the mom next to you at music class for her Instagram handle IMMEDIATELY, and revel in the silliness and joy as we “row row row our boats” through motherhood.



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