Well, hello there! I am so excited to be joining this super awesome group of wonderful women! I super duper can’t wait to share my experiences of motherhood with anyone who cares to read my musings on life, babies, photography, eating out, love, mistakes, favorites, rants, and pleas for instruction on how to have good hair in a humid climate. I’ve never figured it out. Not that I have tried that hard. See pic.

Anyway, a little about me. My family moved to Austin from Corpus Christi in 1986 when I was 13, so I consider myself pretty much a native Austinite. Though I had a short stint living on SOLA (does anyone call South Lamar that? Just tryina be hip.) for about six months in college (UT grad, here – Hook ‘EM!), I have lived most of my life in North or Northwest Austin. I’m comfortable all over this lovely town of ours, but the changes certainly take me by surprise when I visit past haunts or go anywhere south of Barton Springs Rd. Woweewowwow. I did try out a couple of years in San Diego post college, but missed Austin so much that I came back as fast as my little legs could carry me. I like thunderstorms. They don’t have those there.

I have three beautiful, smart, witty, funny, gross, stinky, creative, rambunctious, awesome, loving (did I say gorgeous?) children. Two girls (16 & 10), and one boy (7). They are my reason for living, for waking up in the morning and trudging off to my very good cube job. My dream job and my official title (if I must label myself in addition to “mom”) is photographer. I guess you could call me a momtographer. #facepalm #groanworthy #highfivingmyself. I have a professional portrait business that I have been running since 2005 and I love love love it. Check me out if you wanna at Narina Photography at www.narinaphoto.com. My “about” page gives a little more insight into who I am. I love photographing families, especially littles. Those pudgy cheeks, limbs and toes just kill me right in the heart. 

I can’t stress enough the importance of a good night’s sleep. Am I right? That’s what we should really be talking about here; how much better you feel after a full eight or nine hours. You gain so much clarity! My goodness. It’s like, duh, that was what mom was always saying, right? Get a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel better. You’ll be fresher! I get it now. It all boils down to mom’s advice.

At 44 I’m just now realizing that. You were right, mom. Fellow moms, do you ever think about things like this and realize, “Oh no. It’s going to take my kids 40+ years to realize I was right all this time?” It’s a sobering thought. It’s not a bad thing, but I have to check myself and remember that it’s not about the end, it’s about the journey. I keep reading things that tell me to stop worrying. You are where you need to be right at this moment. I live for those moments just watching my babies dance, write, draw or blow dandelions. Magic is in those moments. But sleep. Sleep is also magic. Can you tell I don’t get enough? I do get more now that the kids are older, so I can’t complain. By the way, why do school and work have to start so early? Can’t we all agree that 9 am is an acceptable wake up time?

Anyway, I can’t wait to share with you and hopefully help someone with my nonsense blatherings on. I am seasoned in baby rearing, exploring teen rearing, loving the tween-before-she-turns-into-an-eyeroller rearing, devouring the sweet little boy snuggles and gross jokes rearing. I also know a thing or two about divorce and am three years into navigating co-parenting and life afterward. It’s pretty trying, but darn-it if it isn’t soul strengthening. Every day is a new test. Literally. I keep a journal and have learned a ton about hindsight being 20/20. Luckily, the kids seem to be adjusting pretty well and we all laugh a great deal and I guess that’s what matters. Laughter and sleep. My two favorite things. Wait, add coffee, wine, sushi, Star Wars, elephants (they’re matriarchal, you know), unicorns, and dogs (I have three).

Nice to meet you! Share with me, will you? 

Anna (or you can call me Nar. My dad does.)




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